Tablescape Ideas to Impress Your Mom on Mother’s Day


Dinners, lunches, or even breakfasts, can go a long way for thanking mom for all of the meals she cooked for you. This Mother’s Day, make an entire event out of the meal. Don’t just cook your mother dinner, decorate the table that in a way that enhances the meal and delights your mother. Here are a few tablescape ideas to impress your mom this Mother’s Day.


A staple for Mother’s Day is flowers. If you want something pleasing to the eye, then select flowers that are your mother’s favorite color. If she likes purple, then procure a wide selection of purple flowers. Couple this with purple plates, napkins, and a purple or white tablecloth to off-set the color. With a few simple selections, you can delight your mother’s eye with her favorite color while she consumes the meal you’ve cooked for her.

Another path you can take is to simply decorate the table with her favorite flowers. Create a large elegant centerpiece that shows you have put time and thought into this dining experience for her. Maybe even tuck a single flower in her napkin, so she has a nice little surprise when she opens it up to use. Flower petals that are carefully scattered across the tablecloth can create an interesting draw to the eye. As you can see, flowers offer up a myriad of decorative choices for tablescapes in themselves.


This tablescape theme focuses on personal stories. Use old baby pictures, family vacations, anything and everything that calls back to nostalgia. Find some of your mother’s favorite photographs and put them in beautiful frames. Set them on the table in a pattern or placement. Mom is sure to enjoy the trip down memory lane.

You could even make a bouquet of single photographs that can be used as your centerpiece. Pictures of yourself as a child or your own children if you have any can be perfect to take center stage on the table. Sharing is one of the warmest and intimate experiences humans can offer one another, and as you allow your mother to talk about memories of a certain photo, you may even learn some new stories that you hadn’t known before–stories you can then pass onto your own children. Forming this bubble of nostalgia creates an opportune moment to express your appreciation for these memories.

Make It Fancy

Buy a beautiful table setting catered towards high-class eatery. Beautiful white plates are a must, especially if used against either a dark tablecloth or an equally white and pure tablecloth. Recreate the place settings from five-star restaurants and insist that your mother dresses up in her finest outfit. Your centerpiece can either be a small selection of classy flowers or an intricate art decoration that doesn’t seem too gaudy or extravagant.

Ultimately, all that matters is that you spend time with your mother. In the end, that’s all that really matters to them–that they were given time to spend with you. Celebrate your mother with one of these tablescape ideas and enjoy the moment.


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