Reasons Why You Should Wear Sunglasses


When the sun is shining, protect your skin and eyes from those powerful rays. Below are some important reasons why wearing summer shades is a must-do.

Reducing the Amount of Glare from the Sun

You are possibly planning to spend a lot of time by the pool or at the beach. These two places have a tendency of getting a lot of glare when rays of the sun are reflected by the water and the sand on the beach. This excessive light strains your eyes and can even cause headaches.

When shopping for sunglasses, opt for the designs with polarized lenses. These will reduce the amount of glare and dazzle that your eyes have to strain through all day. Polarized lens sunglasses are perfect for summer sports where you need focused vision. In addition to reducing glare, the lenses sharpen images and increase your visual clarity.

Adjusting to Different Lighting Conditions

When choosing sunglasses for the weather, think about getting those with photochromatic lenses. These are lenses which instantly react to changes in light conditions. When you move outdoors or to places where the light is bright, they get darker, and when you move to less brightly lit places, the lens becomes lighter. These are ideal because they reduce the amount of strain that your eyes have to suffer when moving around in the summer. If you have prescription lenses, you can have them tinted to become photochromatic and adjust better to different lighting conditions.

Fashion and Functionality

The effectiveness and functionality of sunglasses are the primary qualities that you should look out for when shopping. However, the sunglasses that you pick should also make a statement about your fashion sense this summer. Most reputable companies have been investing to make sure that in addition to the sunglasses having great features to protect you from the rays of the sun and reducing the glare, they should be stylish. Your sunglasses to be your ultimate fashion statement, make sure that the shape and frame fit your face.

Tips for Choosing Sunglasses

1) Purchase sunglasses with a UV rating higher than 400
2) Larger the lens equals more protection around your eyes and the skin surrounding them
3) Polarized lenses help reduce the amount of glare
4) Polarized Lenses sharpen images and increase visual clarity
5) Salty conditions causes the Polaroid film to peel off
6) Photochromatic lens adjust well to different lighting conditions
7) Choose a shape and frame that fit your face
• Heart-shaped face- brow line, retro-square, cat eye or sport sunglass shapes
• Round-shaped face- aviator sunglasses, oversized or square lenses and retro square
• Oval-shaped face- round, aviator, retro-square and oversized
• Square-shaped face, your ideal sun-glass shapes will be round, brow line and aviator.

Take time this summer and invest in good quality sunglasses regardless of the cost. This will save you from eyesight complications and skin damage in the long run. Even more importantly, you will look cute and cool when you choose the right pair.


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