How to Plan Your Summer Pool Party


Pool parties are incredibly fun during the summertime and setting up a pool party is simpler than you think. If you want to throw the ultimate pool party, here is any easy guide to help you plan an unforgettable event.

1. Pick a Date

Since your pool party will be outdoors, it’s important to make sure to aim for a date that will have nice weather. Your pool party should be scheduled for a day with warm weather, low humidity and no rain in the predicted forecast. If the date of your pool party is expected to have bad weather, have a rain date scheduled for your event.

2. Make a Guest List

When creating a guest list for your pool party, make sure to consider the size of your pool and party area. The last thing you want to do is invite too many guests that are unable to fit in your backyard or pool in a given time. If you are planning a pool party for kids, find out how many parents are planning to attend the party as well.

3. Send Out Invitations

Choose the type of invitations that you want to send out for your party. This includes mailed invitations, e-vites, or invitations you’ll hand out personally. You can even invite your guests through social media. For a green option, create a Facebook event for your pool party that people can RSVP to.

Important party details to include on your invitation
•Date and time
•Items guests should bring (bathing suit, towel, food,etc)
•Contact information (phone number and email)

The final step is sending out your pool party invitations. Send out invites at least three weeks in advance of your pool party Check and confirm with your guests to ensure
that everyone can attend.

4. Choose What Snacks and Drinks to Have

Prepare light snacks for those swimming. Finger sandwiches and other hand-held foods will keep your guests in a happy mood so they can easily grab and socialize.

Snack ideas
•Chips and dip
•Fruit and vegetables
•Crackers with cheese
•Beverages: (water, lemonade, iced tea, soda, etc.)

5. Serve a Meal

Aside from snacks, you should have a meal prepared for your guests once they’re done swimming and activities have subsided. Here are some meal suggestions.

Meal Suggestions
Potluck: Everyone can bring their own dish to share at the party.
BBQ: If your pool party is in your backyard, consider grilling hot dogs, cheeseburgers, steak, etc. Also have vegetarian options available for guests who don’t eat meat.
Order Out: If you don’t want to cook, order pizza, chicken fingers, or another type of food that can be delivered quickly and easily.

6. Gather Your Supplies for the Food

Make sure you have the necessary serving supplies including plates, bowls, cutlery, cups, napkins and serving trays. Have plenty of ice to keep drinks cool for your guests. Consider using plastic or paper dishes so you don’t have to worry about washing dishes afterward. Also purchase more than enough supplies to accommodate all of your party guests.

7. Create the Perfect Party Playlist

Every good party needs music; this will get the party going and eliminate any awkward silences that may occur. Be sure to create a party playlist on your phone or mp3 player that is long enough to last the whole length of the party. Hook up your phone or mp3 player to speakers so everyone can hear the music.

8. Decorate

When it comes to decor, simplicity is key. Pick a theme for your pool party; consider making it into a tropical oasis for your guests or any other them that you see fit.

9. Plan Games and Activities

Depending on the age of your guests and the type of party you are throwing, plan some activities and games for the party. Purchase pool floats and other water toys including beach balls, pool noodles, and squirt guns. You could also organize a game of Marco Polo, volleyball or basketball for the party.

10. Provide the Necessities

Some of your guests will forget some of the necessary pool party items so it’s important to be prepared. Here are a few essential items you should have ready for your pool party.

Pool Party Necessities
Sunscreen: Nothing will ruin a partygoer’s entire mood like sunburn. Offer your guests sunscreen and aloe if needed. Remind your guests to reapply sunscreen after they have been in the water for awhile.
First aid kit: You never know when somebody might get injured, especially when you have a bunch of people playing around in the pool. Keep a simple first aid kit handy or simply band-aids and bacitracin cream.
Towels: Even if you tell your guests to bring their own towels, somebody will forget one. Have a few spare beach towels out for your forgetful guests.


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