Graduation Gift Guide


Whether your child or friend is graduating college, high school, or elementary school, parties and gifts are an expected tradition. While some may opt to simply procure a card and some money for the graduate, gifts are usually preferred. This guide will offer a few ideas for the perfect graduation gift.

Flash Drive

No matter what age the graduate is, they’re going to need a flash drive. With so much of work and school performed online, a sure way to ensure that their work is never lost–even in the event that their computer or laptop breaks–is with a flash drive. Elementary children will need it to save their numerous book reports. College students will need it for the numerous papers they’ll be expected to write. As for post-college students, they’ll likely have resumes, cover letters, and work-related documents and files that will all need to be conveniently saved somewhere. Flash drives are also relatively cheap, so you don’t have to worry about emptying your wallet in the process.


For those who don’t mind spending a few hundred dollars, then no graduate can go wrong with a new laptop. For those who will be attending a secondary school or are just shifting into high or middle school, laptops are practically mandatory to perform school activities. So much of homework is performed online these days that children who don’t have a computer or laptop at home are often left behind in their education because of it. By making sure that the graduate has the tech they need, you can watch them flourish in life.

Portable Chargers

Just as popular as laptops, cell phones have become a staple in everyday life. Help the graduate keep his/her phone alive with a portable charger. There are plenty of options with range of prices depending on the amount it can charge and for how long. Some are also more stylish than others, too, so you might want to consider their hobbies or likes and find a charger that best fits them to really make the gift unique.

Gas Card

A useful gift for high school graduates entering college is a gas card. More often than not, they’re likely going to be bringing their car to college. Even if they have a dorm, they’ll still need to drive home or to the airport, and then go home, for holidays. You can help reduce some of their college costs simply by equipping them with a gas card.

A Bike

Another gift that is perfect for any graduate is a bike. For college-bound graduates, biking is the best method of travel for a busy campus. It also promotes a healthier lifestyle. Bikes are a recreational joy for high school and middle school kids as well. Bikes are easy to maintain, they keep the graduate healthy and give them a possible mode of transportation.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

In order to perform well in classes, a student needs to be able to study. For college students, this can be difficult to find, especially in a socially active dorm or with loud roommates. One useful tool that you can gift is noise-canceling headphones. This can be simply plugged into a laptop or cell phone. This can be an excellent tool for younger students, too, who have problems focusing on their work because of distractions surrounding them.

Board Games

A board game is an excellent gift. Not only does it give endless hours of fun, but for graduates who are heading off to college. Game Night is an excellent bonding experience and it’s a great way to make new friends. For younger graduates, families can play together on rainy days or out in the park on a sunny day.

An Experience

If you’re more interested in rewarding the graduate for their hard work in school, you may want to consider purchasing an experience for them. If they have a favorite band or musical artist, buy them some concert tickets. If they love escape rooms, buy an afternoon where they can solve puzzles with their friends at a local escape room experience. If there’s an amusement park nearby, maybe you can take the graduate and their friends to the park for a day of fun and thrills. Whatever brings them joy; give them an experience they’ll never forget.

Gift Card

Gift cards are perfect for those who aren’t exactly sure what the graduate needs or wants. By giving them a gift card, they can pick out whatever they want, which takes the pressure off of you and ensures that they end up with the gift that they want.


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