Fun Ways to Celebrate Star Wars Day


Star Wars Day is coming, with so many new things happening in the galaxy, it’s an exciting time to be a fan. Before The Mandalorian premieres, The Rise of Skywalker releases, and Galaxy’s Edge opens, how can you make the most of May 4th? Below are some fun way to celebrate Star Wars Day.


Consider wearing a Lando cape and dressing as someone like Han, Finn, or Rose. Rock a bold hair choice like Leia’s side buns or even the Jedi side braid.

Movie Marathon

All theatrical releases to date total 24:20, so fill your sleep tank, start early, and get caffeine. While you can shave the time down if you want to skip the end credits. However, if you restrict yourself to just the episodic films, you’re at 18:14. If you want more closure than the sequel trilogy will leave you with until Episode IX comes out, then Episodes I-VI will leave you at 13:26. Or you can alternate trilogies every year (each one around six or seven hours) or watch your favorite Star Wars movie.

The Apocrypha

Don’t forget the two Ewok movies and the Holiday Special. These are the perfect flicks to watch with friends who are Star Wars enthusiasts.

Binge Watch

Even though there is no Mandalorian yet, there are several animated Star Wars series. thanks to Disney. Catch a few episodes or even binge a season.


Deepen your Star Wars knowledge and expand your fan credentials by reading books and comics, both under the new and Legacy canons.

Music Score For Your Life

John Williams has given us some of the best film music of all time through his work in the Star Wars saga (and Michael Giacchino and John Powell have made solid contributions, too). If you don’t have the time to commit to any specific activity, family dinner can be much livelier with the “Cantina Band;” a workout can go much better when you’re getting pumped by “March of the Resistance;” and checking your email, studying for a test, or prepping for a board meeting feels more meaningful when it’s accompanied by “Duel of the Fates.”

Local Events

Impossible to list them all, New York has various events to commemorate this day of days.

Have fun and May the Fourth be with you!


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