Fun Things to Bet On During the “Big Game”


The “Big Game” between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles is only a few days away. While the talking heads on sports media are going crazy with analysis and predictions, you may be thinking of placing a bet just for fun. If the obvious wagers seem dull try the following list of real prop bets.

The Coin Toss

Simply pick whether the coin will show heads or tails. It may seem like an easy 50-50 wager, but statistics show that it can land more often on one or the other, depending on how it is flipped. Either way, you will feel the thrill of anticipation as the coin sails through the air and lands on the turf.

Anthem Length

This year, the National Anthem it will be performed by the pop artist Pink. The official bet is whether she will extend it past the two-minute mark. To gauge this one, consider the fame level of the person singing and multiply it by how much their career needs a boost. This determines their cadence rate and how long it will take them to finish.

First Commercial

Many people watch the Big Game to see the new crop of advertising campaigns. You are familiar with the usual beer, car, soft drinks and candy offerings, but it is difficult to guess which one of those messages will land in the first break after kickoff. In all likelihood, it will be a car commercial, purely from a profit standpoint. You can have fun guessing, though.

Announcer Buzzwords

The Big Game is airing on the NBC network this year, which means Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth will have the call. Each announcer has buzzwords they enjoy using on the air, and there is a prop bet for each phrase and how many times it will be used. In Al Michaels’ case, those words are “underdog,” “point spread” and “Rocky.” Cris Collinsworth favors “GOAT (Greatest of all Time), “dynasty” and “unbelievable.” It should be noted that the odds on these bets are silly, so if you decide to take a chance, do it for fun and do not worry about winning or losing.

Tom Brady’s Wife

Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady is married to supermodel Gisele Bundchen. The pair is considered one of the most glamorous couples in America, and it is likely Gisele will get as much camera time as her husband. The main factor determining this will be the game itself. If the score stays close, the network will limit the Gisele shots. If the game becomes too one-sided, you may see her lovely face often, especially in the second half. Feeling confident? Go ahead and bet on the number of times the country will see Gisele.

Trump Tweets

President Donald Trump loves football almost as much as he loves Twitter, and you can bet on how many times he will tweet during the game. Chances are Trump will tweet more if the Patriots pull ahead, as Tom Brady supported his campaign. Then again, Trump has a beef with the NFL that goes back 35 years, and the more recent fallout over the kneeling protests may affect his game-time commenting. Either way, this is another challenging bet that should only be placed for laughs.

Bill Belichick’s Hoodie

Bill Belichick has been coaching the Patriots forever and you probably cannot remember the last time you saw him without his trademark hoodie. The man probably eats, sleeps and showers in a hoodie. The question is, what color hoodie will he be wearing at the Big Game? Currently, blue and gray are leading the charge, with an outside possibility of there being no hoodie at all. Only you and your money can decide.

Halftime Show

Justin Timberlake will be entertaining the crowd at halftime, and there are a variety of bets available on how he will enter the stadium. “Zipline” is the current favorite, followed by “field,” “car” and “motorcycle.” Justin may also just walk onto the stage with no drama, although you may find that hard to believe. Make your choice, laugh and place your bet.

Sports Drink Shower Color

Ever since the 1986 New York Giants first doused Bill Parcells with sports drink during the playoff march toward their first Big Game, winning NFL coaches have endured the sticky shower as a badge of honor. This playful bet asks you to determine the color of the drink that will make the groundskeepers grumble. Orange is the most popular choice, followed by yellow. Purple seems to be the least likely color, but the game is in Minneapolis, so you do not want to dismiss it.

Giving Thanks

Regardless of who wins the Big Game, there will be speeches after the trophy ceremony and the inevitable, excessive gratitude that follows such a large event. Believe it or not, you can bet on whom the Most Valuable Player (MVP) thanks first. This is usually a tossup between teammates and God, but there might be a mom, grandparent, coach or teacher in there as well. Interestingly, there are 5-2 odds that the MVP will not thank anyone at all. Good luck and have fun with this one.

The Big Game is all about food, friends, family and football. The bets listed above will make your celebration even more exciting and might even win you some extra money.


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