Fresh Christmas Tree Care Tips


A Christmas tree is the centerpiece of your home during the holiday season. There are several different tree options and there are many factors that go into picking and maintaining a tree. Here are some helpful fresh Christmas tree care tips to make your Christmas tree last throughout the holidays.


Measure the distance between the floor and ceiling and subtract the height of the stand and the tree topper from your total. Consider the size of the room and how much space your tree will take up.

Check the Needles and Freshness

There are several ways to tell if a tree is worth taking home.

Needle Test

The tree’s needles should be strong and resilient. To test this, grab a branch six inches from the tip and pull your hand towards you, letting the branch slip through your fingers. The needles should stick to the branch and not come off in your hand. They should be flexible, not brittle, droopy, or brown.

Shake Test

Tap the tree gently against the ground or give it a gentle shake to make sure that the needles don’t fall off; this means your tree is still fresh. You can test the tree’s durability by tugging down lightly on the branches to make sure they will hold your ornaments, tinsel, and lights. A tree that is fresh will retain its moisture content, keeping its needles and fragrance.

Tree Varieties

Scotch Pine

This tree variety has strong branches and durable needles that withstand dry conditions. There is also plenty of room on to hang ornaments and it retains its scent for weeks.

Douglas Fir

A Douglas Fir is a holiday classic, it has a strong fragrance and blue to green needles.

Canaan Fir

This tree has a pyramid-like shape, with a wide middle and full branches. Its flat needles are a rich green color.

Concolor Fir

Concolor fir is tall and narrow tree, perfect for homes with high ceiling. It has a unique scent with hints of citrus and needles of a bluish-green tint.

White Pine

Wine Pine trees keep their needles for weeks and is great for people sensitive to scents. White Pine trees are plush and full and can support many ornaments.

Even Coloration

Make sure that your tree it is evenly colored. Trees should appear vibrant, with a green hue and noticeable fragrance. Some Christmas trees turn from a deep, healthy green to a duller gray-green color when they start to dry out. Regardless of type, check a tree’s freshness by bending a needle in half with your fingers. Vibrant fir branches will snap and healthy pine branches will bend but not break.

Keep Your Tree Cool & Hydrated

Keeping your tree cool is essential to its longevity. You may be tempted to put your tree next to the fireplace, however, placing a tree near a heat source will make you tree dry out faster. Fill your tree stand with water and make sure to refill the stand often.


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