Easy Ways to Organize Holiday Decorations


Do you love decorating for the holidays? Do you find it challenging to organize and store your holiday decorations? Many families consider decorating an important aspect of their celebration and save funds for this specific purpose. Holiday decorations need proper organization and storage in order to protect them and allow easy retrieval when needed.

Factors to Consider When Organizing Your Holiday Decorations

You can organize and store your holiday decorations in various ways. Before deciding on how to organize and store your holiday decorations, consider the following factors.

Does your packing method make retrieval easier?
When packaging and storing holiday decorations, the first thing you should focus on is ensuring that you have easy retrieval. Decorations that are meant for the approaching holidays need to be easily accessed while decorations for holidays that recently passed should be stored further away.

What is the size of your decorations?
Holiday decorations can vary in sizes, requiring different storage methods. Large decorations need to be stored somewhere safe where they cannot be broken while small decorations can be stacked together or stored in transparent bins for easy identification and retrieval.

How do you isolate decorations in terms of specific holidays?
Decorations that are meant for specific holiday should be stored together. For instance, decorations meant for birthday celebrations should be separated from those that are for Christmas or Easter. Consider storing decorations that are universal together for easy retrieval and accessibility.

How delicate are the decorations?
Decorations that you consider delicate should be organized and stored in cabinets to minimize the chance of breaking. Items that you consider less delicate can be stacked together and stored collectively.

Tips to help you to organize holiday decorations

Tip one: Consider using clear bins for small items
Use clear bins to store small holiday decorations; this makes it easy to see what is stored inside them. Use bins to store holiday decoration items and label them with stickers. When you use more than one bin to store decorations for a particular holiday, list what is inside each box. This will make it easy for you to identify and retrieve items.

Tip Two: Determine the best wrapping method
The method you use to wrap your holiday decorations determines whether you will succeed in protecting them from breaking, mold, mildew, water damage, and sunlight damage. Keep your items in sealed containers that can withstand extreme weather conditions to guarantee your decorations will stay intact until you need them again. If you are organizing and storing decorations made of fabrics and tablecloths, make sure the wrap cannot retain moisture since this creates an environment for mold and mildew growth.

Tip Three: Take pictures of your decorations before you unfix them
It can be difficult remembering how you arranged your holiday decorations a year prior. Photographs are a great way to remember where each decorative item should go. You can use your smart phone or camera to take pictures of the whole setup so next time you can refer to your images. Pictures can be attached to the bin used to store the decorative items or placed inside.

Tip Four: Consider purchasing a small ornament box
Holiday decorations cannot be fitted without the help of other small ornaments such as zip ties, twist ties, pins, and hangers. Keep a separate box for these small items so you don’t misplace them. Use a customized 5-compartment storage case meant for students or the polypropylene cases that have adjustable dividers.

Tip Five: Consider artificial tree storage options
Artificial trees are durable and can be used year after year if you take proper care of them. When organizing and storing your artificial trees, you should consider its weight and height so that you can decide on a proper place to store it. If a tree is heavy, consider dismantling it and storing its parts separately. You can also use a rolling case; this will provide mobility without much difficulty. A tree storage bag also has a rolling base, making it the perfect way to move and store your holiday tree with ease.

Storing holiday decorations can be challenging for many people. Use the helpful tips above tips to organize and store your decorations so they will stay protected and easily accessed next year.


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