Chic Work Outfit Ideas for When It’s Freezing Outside


It’s sub-zero degrees outside and it’s too cold to go to work looking cute, right? Follow these outfit ideas and stay warm in the workplace while looking chic.

Swap Tights for Leggings

If you’re someone who loves patterned tights with dresses and skirts, try switching them out for leggings during the winter. You can utilize geometric shapes, stripes, polka dots, floral patterns, and abstract prints to add to your outfits, this will help keep your legs from freezing during your commute. Plus, legging waistbands are often wider and less restrictive than tights.

Boot Season

Rather than letting heels take the lead during the winter, invest in a killer pair of boots you can wear through the slush and snow. Choose faux leather boots, they are easy to wipe down. Laces or zippers make for an easy on and off amidst winter muck. If you’re stuck trekking through actual snow, you might elect to wear snow boots to work and change into flats for the rest of the day. Don’t underestimate the convenience of keeping a pair of flats at the office for such occasions. Nobody else will even notice and everyone will appreciate not having to stare at your commuter shoes from nine to five.

Winter Weight Materials

Dresses, skirts, and crops can all be worn during the winter. Pair them with leggings for extra warmth and select materials like wool or heavy knits to keep your lower half from freezing. Pair neutrals together for a streamlined look and choose a piece with a pop of color. Dresses with long sleeves can also help to keep you toasty while you work. Wear leggings underneath cropped pants or wide-leg trousers. This way the leggings can be hidden and will help you stay warm during your ride or walk to work.

Prints, Please

Printed materials are a great option for dresses, skirts, and pants of all kinds. During the winter, neutral tones take center stage. Add bold gem tones, fun graphics, and even character prints for a whimsical change of scenery.

Sock Hop

Boot season means lots of ways to hide thick socks. Knee high socks, crew socks, and even leg warmers can be hidden underneath tall boots for extra warmth underneath. Your feet will thank you during commutes through frigid temperatures on the way to the office. Hiking or outdoor materials like smart-wool go even further toward keeping tootsies warm and dry all day long.

Jacket Junction

Winter is prime time for blazers. Consider leaving your cardigan at home and reaching for a jacket with a button or zipper. Jackets often provide extra pockets and a little structure to compliment all types of knits and extra pieces.

Layers Everywhere

Layer everything that you can. Try a camisole under a button down paired with a v-neck sweater. You might try a shawl over the same blouse or switch out a cardigan for a longer sweater. Vests are a nice way to switch up a look and keep heat close to the torso. Layering multiple pieces traps heat close to the body more than one thick, chunky layer. You can always take layers off if the heat in your office is cranked up on any particular day.

Chapeau City

You might consider investing in a great hat for your commute if it’s frigid. Cloches, beanies, ear flaps, and brims are all welcome. Regardless of the style, pick up a travel sized dry shampoo at the drug store and add a thirty second hair primp to your to your morning to-do list. Your ears and scalp will thank you for the extra heat.

Accessories Always

Scarves are your new best friend when it’s cold outside. Long, thick scarves can double as a shawl while you’re working at your desk. Infinity styles stay on regardless of movement and chunky knits are great when it’s a dreary out. Scarves are a great way to add color and texture to an outfit to keep it fresh. Belts are another wintry addition, not only to clothes, but to coats. Adding a belt to a pea coat or a bomber helps define your waist amidst all the extra layers and can provide a focal point.

Splurge Once in a While

Spending money on a few key fabrics like angora, merino wool, or cashmere makes all the difference. If you purchase yourself a sweater in one of the mentioned fabrics, you’ll avoid bulk and stay warm at the same time. Use a statement piece like this to set the tone for your outfit. By layering a tank or tee underneath, you’ll save yourself a wash or a dry cleaning bill. Feel free to wear your sweater a couple times before laundering and make sure to follow care instructions thoroughly to avoid any shrinking or damage.

Knowing how to stay warm at the office in the dead of winter can affect your health, mood, and even work ethic. Get creative with your fabrics and your mixing and matching skills. Have some fun and hang in there; spring is on its way.


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