Budget-Friendly Winter Activities


You and your family will want to remain active during the winter, but if you are on a budget, then it can seem difficult to find affordable activities. The good news is that with some research and planning, you can find free or low-cost wintertime activities. Here is a list of ways to have fun with your family this winter.

Go Sledding

You can buy or borrow sleds to use in a safe location in your neighborhood. Some parks also have sledding programs with free sleds or sleds that you can rent for a few hours. Make sure to bundle up in warm clothing to have sledding fun with your family for several hours.

Look at Holiday Decorations

Load your children and spouse into your vehicle so that you can drive through your neighborhood to look at the holiday decorations. Remember that local businesses and nearby parks also have holiday displays that you can often see for free. If the weather is warmer, then it is also okay to walk around while looking at the holiday lights.

Cookie Baking Party

On a colder day during the winter, you can have a cookie baking party at home. Make sure to stock up on the ingredients required for baking the cookies, and you can invite friends to your house for the process. After baking an assortment of tasty holiday cookies, you can send packages of the treats home with your guests.

Free Carriage or Sleigh Rides

In some cities, you can have fun on a free sleigh or carriage ride, especially during the holiday season. With an online search, you can determine if these activities are available in your area. Make sure to bring along a camera or your phone so that you can take a photograph of your family on the ride.

Building a Snowman

Every child should have a chance to build a snowman after a snowstorm ends. You can help your children learn how to make a small snowball before making it larger by rolling it in the snow to create a snowman with a face made from objects found at home, such as rocks, carrots or buttons.

Local Concerts and Plays

Most cities have free or low-cost plays and concerts that you and your family can attend. Local school systems often offer free admission to the residents of a town so that everyone can enjoy a holiday concert or play. Professional venues may have lower priced tickets to plays or concerts on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

Game Night at Home

When there is a blizzard, you can have fun at home with an assortment of board games. You can find used board games at garage sales during the summer, or alternatively, you can find these items on sale throughout the holidays. While playing board games, you can talk to your children and enjoy delicious snacks or beverages.

Go Ice Skating

Your town may offer ice-skating at a safe location where you can rent skates at a low price. This is a great way to enjoy a physical activity with your children during the winter. After skating for a few hours, you can find a local restaurant where you can buy cups of hot chocolate for everyone in your family.

Visit a Museum

On a cold day, you can drive to a museum to look at paintings or sculptures. There are also museums that have science or historical exhibits. Some museums offer hands-on activities for children, and in many cases, you can visit one of these places for free. Check on the internet to determine if the museums in your region offer free admission days.

Roast Hot Dogs and Marshmallows Over a Fire Pit

If you have a fire pit at your home, then you can use it during the winter to prepare a meal. At a store, you can find metal sticks to roast hot dogs and marshmallows over a fire pit. This is a great wintertime activity on a day when it is warmer so that you can sit outside to eat without feeling too cold.

Hike in Snowshoes

When there is deep snow in your area, you can use snowshoes to go hiking. It might look easy to use snowshoes, but it will require practice. You should wear warm boots along with extra clothing for this wintertime activity. There are parks where you can rent snowshoes to go on a hike.


Go Bird Watching

You might think that there are no birds in your area during the winter, but in many cases, this isn’t true. Many species of birds remain in the same place year-round, and it is fun for you and your children to find a brightly colored blue jay or cardinal walking in the snow. Bring along a camera to capture a photograph of the birds and also, help the birds by having bird feeders hanging from the trees in your backyard.



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