Fireworks Safety for Dogs


The 4th of July may be considered as one of the most famous and loved holidays of the year, but for pets, the day might not be as celebratory as it might seem. One of the biggest things that can cause a strain is fireworks, which tend to be one of the main attractions of the 4th of July celebrations.

While firecrackers might seem like one of the most beautiful things to look forward to on this day, it is not always the same case when it comes to dogs. Dogs don’t understand and consider the loud sounds as something unexpected and unsettling. They think this is a sign of danger, rather than something of marvel. This puts dogs in a state where they are incredibly stressed out, frightened, and in a relatively uncomfortable position.

Dogs are loving pets, and no one wants to see them scared and afraid this is why it is essential to know a few things that can help you and your pet deal with the 4th of July fireworks.

Signs of Stress

Dogs show signs which can tell you whether or not they are scared and in a position wherein they need a certain amount of comfort to feel safe and alright. Generally, these symptoms start to show as soon as the dog hears the first noise, which is usually when they are caught the most off guard.


Trembling is one of the most prominent signs that your dog is scared of the noise or bright flashy lights that are emerging. This is one of the sure shot indicators that your little one is scared. They may also start to shake violently, depending on how stressed they are feeling as a result of the noise. This is also generally accompanied by the dog trying to approach a family member who they are particularly close to, or them trying to hide away in a place that they feel to be safe. Spaces under the bed, tables, chairs or cabinets where the dog can fit are usually where they go.

Excessive Barking

Excessive barking is also a sign that your dog might be scared. This is more prominent in dogs that are used to guarding and being territorial but still are relatively susceptible to being afraid of something that they aren’t familiar with. It is important to note that while some dogs may become quite and try to hide away from the noise, others may adopt a more aggressive approach and become louder, as a way to alert the family members of the possible threat that might be approaching.


A lot of dogs tend to lose bladder control when they are in a stressful situation or when they hear a loud noise. It is essential that during this time, they are not heavily reprimanded for losing bladder control since that can lead to them being even more stressed and scared than they were before.

Preventive Measures

Before the 4th of July or any holiday where one can expect a lot of fireworks, it is always advised to take on a few precautionary measures and steps that can help keep the little ones safe and away from harm’s way. There are several things that one can implement, most of which need to be done before the festivities kick into action.

Avoid Taking Dogs to Fireworks Displays

One of the biggest things to keep in mind is to avoid taking dogs to fireworks displays. Sure you may want to watch the beautiful sights with every member of your family, but dogs don’t enjoy these displays as much as we do. It is best to keep them at home so that they aren’t subjected to anything that can frighten them.

Keep Pets at Home

While keeping pets at home, it is essential to try and make the house as comfortable as it can be. Shut all of the windows and draw the curtains to avoid the sound from entering the home and to keep the scares to a minimum. Don’t let the lights be on too bright and create a more calming environment for your dog. Anything that can reduce the noise that enters in good enough to help your dog cope with the festivities.

Distract Them

Distracting is the best ways to help ease them after the fireworks hit. If a dog is enticed by something else or has to pay attention to something different, they tend to forget the loud noises and the fact that they were scared. This is described as one of the best ways to calm down a dog and is one of the simplest things to do. The moment your dog starts to show signs of stress, try playing with them or engaging them in some way to make them feel more at ease.

Stay Calm

One of the most important things to remember is not to overdo the act of comforting them. Dogs pick up on the emotions that we have, and they can sense when their masters are stressed about something. Try to stay calm yourself, and your dog will pick up on your calmness and realize that there is nothing to worry about.


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