Summertime Hair Repair


When warm weather arrives, you want to get outside to enjoy it whether it’s swimming in a pool or just working in the yard. The warmer sun can damage the hair in a significant way by drying it out, causing it to break easier and lose some of its color. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can keep in mind to repair your summertime hair to give life back to your beautiful locks.

Shield The Hair

One of the easiest ways to prevent damage from occurring in the first place is to cover the hair. Wear a hat, a scarf or any other kind of material to keep the sun from doing any damage while you’re outside. Covering the head also helps to keep moisture locked in close to the scalp, which will prevent the hair from drying out when you are in the sun without any kind of covering. You’ll also find that a hat can prevent the wind from tangling the hair, making it easier to comb.

Keeping The Hair Up

Putting the hair in a ponytail can keep it off the face while you’re in breezy situations or while you’re swimming, but you want to make sure the style that you choose is one that is loose. Pulling on the hair too tight when you put it in a ponytail or in a braid can cause headaches, and it can also make the hair weak.

Wash Less

It might sound unhygienic, but washing the hair less often in the summer is actually a good thing. You’ll retain the natural oils in the hair and on the scalp when you don’t wash it compared to when you wash the hair every day or even every other day. After getting out of the pool or the ocean, you can try rinsing your hair with cool water to get the sand and other dirt from the hair to get rid of some of the excess oil, but avoid scrubbing and using shampoo every day. When you do wash the hair, use a shampoo and conditioner made with natural ingredients, preferably a cleansing conditioner that has the shampoo included so that you’re not putting multiple products in the hair at one time. You can make a dry shampoo as well that will help to soak up some of the excess oil. All you need to do is dab cornstarch onto the scalp along with a little witch hazel to give you a clean appearance.

Keep Heat Away

There’s nothing that you can really do about the heat of the sun, but you can control the amount of extra heat that the hair sees. Don’t blow dry the hair in the summer. This will only speed up the process of damaging the hair. Let the hair dry naturally when it’s washed. You also want to try to eliminate any kind of styling iron in the summer. If you do use tools that require heat, then try to wait until later in the evening when it’s a little cooler. Adding excess heat can also add more frizz to the hair, which is probably something you want to keep at bay.

Make Conditioning Products From Home

Before the hair becomes damaged from the sun and after you’ve been outside for some time, you want to use natural conditioning products. There are a few things that you probably already have in the kitchen that would be ideal for the hair. Combine coconut water, aloe oil and avocado oil in a spray bottle. Apply the mixture when you need to add a little moisture to the hair, especially if you plan on sitting by the pool all day. Another idea is to mix apple cider vinegar with water for a conditioner that you can use when rinsing that will bring life back to the hair along with a brilliant shine.

Use Sunscreen

You’ve seen the impact that sunscreen can have on the skin, so why not get those same results for the hair? Apply a small amount of sunscreen to the scalp. Rub the product on the hands, and run your hands through the hair so that the hair is covered as well. Protect blonde hair from turning green in the pool by using sunscreen as well.

The Right Tools

Instead of brushing the hair with a bristled brush, use a wide-toothed comb. It will prevent pulling the hair, which will help to prevent breakage. It’s also easier to get a large comb through the hair if it’s tangled than it is to use a brush. The bristles can tend to snag on knots that form in the hair, and if you keep pulling the brush through, you might find that there are several strands of hair that come out before you get done.

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