Simple Acts To Celebrate World Kindness Day


World Kindness Day takes place on November 13th. Even though it is important to be nice to people every day, there are many ways that you can go above and beyond to be kind to someone on World Kindness Day.

Say Hello to Someone

Many of us get so caught up in our daily lives that we barely participate in small talk. Saying hello to someone can instantly brighten up their day and make them look up from their phone.

Free Hugs

Most people enjoy hugs. In fact, in the emo scene, many people would wear shirts to shows that said free hugs. Brighten up a friend or family member’s day by giving them a big hug.

Pay it Forward

When you’re ordering your morning coffee, pay for the person who is behind you. This is a great way to start off someone’s day on the right foot with a thoughtful gesture.

Donate Second-hand Goods

Do some fall cleaning and clear room out in your closet. You can donate your clothing and other no longer used items to charity, there are many families that will truly appreciate it.

Give Blood

Did you know that by giving blood , you can save three lives? Besides the free apple juice and cookies, some places even give gift cards and other incentives for giving blood.

Take Care of a Sick Person

Brighten a sick person’s day by taking care of them. You can make some tea or soup or spend time playing games and watching TV to cheer him or her up.

Call Someone You Have Not Talked to in a While

A phone call can make a person’s day. If you have a family member or friend you have not talked to in a long time, give them a phone call. You can turn someone’s day around just by a simple gesture like a phone call.

Sit With Someone Who is Alone

Show kindness by sitting with someone who is eating by themselves at a public eatery. You can even visit the elderly at a local nursing home who wants some company. Playing cards or just sitting and talking with someone will help brighten his or her day.

Give Someone a Nice Tip

Working in a restaurant can be incredibly stressful, it also does not pay well. Be kind to a waiter or waitress by leaving them a nice tip, they will really appreciate the fact that you notice and appreciate them by leaving a generous tip.

Be Kind to Yourself

Don’t neglect yourself on World Kindness Day. In many cases, we get so wrapped up in helping others that we neglect ourselves. There are several way to practice self care and be kind to yourself. Whatever you enjoy, treat yourself, you deserve it!


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