How Martial Arts Can Help Your Child in School


Did you know when children study martial arts they learn a variety of skills that can even help them in school? From dealing effectively with bullies to focusing on their school work, martial arts teaches a wide array of valuable skills. These skills can be applied during any stage of life, grade school, college and even the workforce, proving guidance through many of life’s most challenging situations.


Martial arts makes kids stronger, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. This allows kids to develop a sense of self-confidence and self-esteem that is unmatched by anything else. This provides kids confidence in all areas of life giving them a better sense of self that allows them to handle school bullies with confidence and ease. They will have the confidence to tackle big projects and difficult goals without worrying.


Martial arts requires strict discipline; there is no tolerance for misbehavior in these classes. Learning the art of self-discipline is a vital skill that can be applied to school, home and everyday life. Instructors do not tolerate talking, not listening, poor behavior, or any form of fooling around. Kids will learn how to discipline themselves and know how to apply that skill to aspects of their everyday life. Discipline will tremendously help kids control their behavior in school thanks to the positive peer interactions learned during martial arts lessons.


One important aspect of martial arts is learning and mastering self-defense moves and techniques. Practicing self-defense techniques and applications, improves memorization skills too. When it’s time for kids to study for tests in school, these memorization skills will prove to be quite useful.

Goal Setting

Setting goals is an important part of life and it is a great way to motivate yourself. Martial arts teaches students to work hard to achieve their goals by practicing and training hard to move up in rank. As skills and techniques improve, he/she can start achieving goals one at a time. For example, if a child wants to become a black belt one day, he/she must train hard to move up in rank. To move up in rank, he/she must set goals, focus, and work hard to achieve his/her goals, the same applies to school. Kids can set a major goal for the year and smaller goals to help them attain their bigger goals. Setting goals is a great way to develop a good worth ethic, a beneficial life skill.


One important rule martial art teaches is the value of respect. When students enter the dojo (karate school), they bow to their sensei and peers out of respect for the place they train and the people they train with. Disrespect is not tolerated in any way and students are disciplined if they break this important rule. Children learn to stay calm despite making mistakes and work with others to improve their skills. Even the top students can lose in a sparring match to another opponent. Kids who learn humility respect other martial artists and are modest. Being humble is a fundamental part of being respectful, this is a lesson kids can take everywhere they go. When kids learn respect, they carry it with them to school. They learn to respect their teachers and their peers, which means they’re less likely to get in trouble at school and become bullies.


During martial arts, kids must focus to effectively learn movements and applications. In class, they are taught to focus in order to master basics and practice moves with a partner. Martial arts require a great deal of focus to achieve success and the same lesson applies to school. When your kids learn how to focus, they will apply it to their everyday life including focusing on homework, tests, and school assignments. Studies even show that martial arts can have a positive impact on children with ADD, ADHD and Autism.


There’s no participation trophy in martial arts. You either work hard to master the skills or you don’t. There is no in-between and kids who don’t practice or try don’t see results. Kids must put in 100% effort and focus completely; there is no tolerance for those who do not apply themselves. This skill teaches kids to put forth their best effort in any aspect of life. When they try their best in school, it reflects in their grades, behavior, and intelligence.

Martial arts is a great way to stay fit, learn life-saving self defense skills and instill positive character building traits. It teaches kids to be brave, strong, and confident while showing courtesy and respect for others. These attributes will help kids become great leaders, employees and successful adults who can pass on the same lessons one day. Martial arts is worth every moment of lessons to learn these priceless life skills.


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