Ways to Create Shade for Your Outdoor Room


Summer is here and you can’t wait to entertain guests outdoors. If there’s too much sun, you might find yourself sunburned, a sure way to spoil your day. Block the scorching sun by creating a sunshade for your outdoor area. There are more ways than one to bring shade in your backyard, try some of the helpful suggestions below.

1. DIY Shade Sails

Shade sails are designed in to provide relief from the scorching sun. They’re perfect for swimming pools, gardens, and patios. You can choose to have these shades made from canvas or cloth material, it all depends on your preference.

2. Pergola Canopy

If you want a stylish look in your backyard, most of these pergola canopies are retractable. It is made of a fabric called Sunbrella. If you’re creative, you can construct this shade in any design that you wish.

3. Sheer Curtain Divider

A sheer curtain divider is effortless to build. Go out to the local store and grab yourself some sheer curtains and a rail or two and create shade. This is ideal for having a relaxing drink, as the wind blows through the curtains, cooling you off.

4. Poolside Cabana

A poolside cabana is perfect for relaxing by the pool. Cabanas block the sun and give you a chance to still soak in some moderate sun.

5. DIY Tent Frame

When it comes to outdoor shades, you’ll need rails and materials. Choose to use PVC or some lighter materials. This is ideal for a garden lunch with friends or family.

6. Fun and Funky Outdoor Shade

Buy a drop cloth, a tent pole and tools from your local hardware store. This is easy to make, and it’s perfect for most gardens.

7. Simple Fabric Sunshade

Choose the color of fabric that you would like. Get a set of curtain grommets and fix to the four corners of the fabric. Hang the sunshade and make sure it’s precise and straightforward.

8. Adaptable Shade Curtains

Adaptable shade curtains are made with a drop cloth and an industrial pipe curtain rod. This is a good way to create an outdoor private room. It also gives the porch a breezy look and will make you feel like you’re on a resort.

9. Overlapping Sun Sails

Purchase sails from a local store near you and install in a place that’s ideal for you. They are unique and give your outdoor space a beautiful finish.

10. Shade Cloth and Outdoor Lighting

This shade is also made from drop cloth and a set of grommets. You can become very creative on this project, especially when it comes to color. Add some intertwined lights; so you have a sweet spot to sit under when it gets dark.

11. Rustic Draping

For a rustic draping, you’ll need a pergola or make one. Next, fix your retractable but durable curtains with grommets in a draping manner. Curtains should be made from natural fibers, that way they’ll withstand any weather.

12. Hanging Shade Curtains

Hanging shade curtains will have the most beautiful effect on your backyard. All you need is a natural fiber rope, a large woven basket without a handle, lightweight curtain panels, a large screw, hook with anchor, glue, and your fabric. Once you hang your curtains above the daybed or the furniture available, you can get even more creative by styling your basket with a few chandelier crystals or any other decorative material as desired.

13. An Easy Tent with Milk Can Anchors

You’ll need an outdoor waterproof fabric, a set of large grommets, large T cup hooks, plastic garden pots, and a set of old milk cans. To gain some balance, place the stakes into the milk cans filled with soil.

14. Portable Sun Shade Hoops

This DIY project doesn’t require too much commitment and is very pocket-friendly. This project only takes one hour of your time. Put the ends of the rebar into flower pots; then, you can move them to any spot in your yard. It’s mostly made of PVC and curtains; it’s perfect shading for the outdoors.

15. Easy Breezy Outdoor Room

This shade acts as a screen to create some privacy. You’ll have a perfect breezy shade in only a few hours!


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