How to Protect Your Lawn from the Heat


Summer is almost here, and you’re probably looking forward to backyard cookouts, block parties, and relaxing nights in your backyard. But if you plan on hosting any of these events, you’ll want your grass to be full and green. Unfortunately, with summer comes hot weather, and this increases the likelihood that your grass will be burnt by the hot sun. Yellow grass always puts a damper on even the most festively decorated backyards. So if you’re looking for some tips to keep your lawn plush the entire summer long, follow the tips below and keep your yard a beautiful emerald green all summer long.

Time of Watering

Proper watering is the most essential practice for keeping your lawn rich and verdant, but some techniques are better than others. Early in the morning is the ideal time to water your lawn. This will allow the grass to soak the moisture into the root system before the water evaporates due to the sun. Watering in the middle of the day is not the best time because the sun will cause the water to evaporate more quickly, resulting in less water reaching the root system. It’s also not advisable to water during the evening because too much standing water can cause fungal problems with your lawn.
It’s better to water your lawn deeply than to water it often. When you give your lawn a thorough drench, the water is able to penetrate deeply into the soil so your grass’ roots have access to it for a longer period of time. When you water often but for short periods of time, more water will evaporate off of the tops of the blades before it even has a chance to reach the root system.

Length of Grass When Mowing

When you’re cutting your grass every week, and it seems like it grows too fast, it’s tempting to want to cut the grass shorter so that you don’t have to mow as often. However, when you cut your grass too short, you leave the root system more vulnerable to the heat. You also need to remember that the blades are the grass’ way of collecting nutrients from the sun, so if your lawn is cut too short, it won’t have the nutrients to create the strong root system that it needs.

Amount of Fertilizer

Sometimes, it’s easy to think that more fertilizer will always lead to a healthier lawn, but fertilizer will make your lawn grow faster, not necessarily healthier. Moreover, too much fertilizer can actually be harmful to your lawn. Too much fertilizer can actually burn your lawn. Fertilizer contains salt, and this can inhibit the roots’ ability to absorb water. In general, you should apply fertilizer in the spring and fall, so go ahead and skip the summer months, and if you apply too much, pull out the water to dilute and wash some of it away.

Leaving Mulch for Extra Protection

While you don’t want too much thatching from a lot of grass clippings being left behind, some clippings can actually protect your lawn. Old cut-off grass will help keep the moisture in longer, which will allow the roots to soak up more water and give the lawn extra nutrients.

Keeping Mower Blades Sharp

Keep your mower blades sharp, it’s easier for your grass blades to repair themselves when the cut is clean. When the blades of your mower are dull, this can cause a brown color where the grass was torn.


Whether your grass is looking a little sad already or just fine for now, is to scarify. This is when you take a spring-tine and rake up all of the old, dead grass. This is especially important if you leave your mulch clippings behind. Old grass clippings can become thatched, and while some clippings can actually aid your lawn in retaining moisture, too much can also create problems such as mold and fungus when the grass never dries out. It can also become so thick that it won’t allow new seed to grow.

A healthy, green lawn is within your reach, even when the temperatures get hot. Be sure to water deeply early in the morning. Also, make sure that you are giving your lawn the nutrients and protection that it needs to develop and strong root system. Pretty soon, your neighbors will be admiring the carpet-like soft grass underneath their bare feet.


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