Gorgeous Ways to Landscape Around Your Pool


Looking for ways to landscape around your pool without breaking the bank? If you’re up for a DIY project, dive in and get started on these gorgeous pool landscaping ideas.


To create a low-maintenance, attractive design that offers you some privacy, the first step is to de-clutter. Get rid of stuff laying around that really doesn’t have any reason to be there. Move unnecessary items out of the way so you can have a fresh, empty canvas. After de-cluttering your pool area, you’ll uncover new opportunities for areas to be landscaped, and you may even find a few items you can make use of.

Comprehensive List Lawn & Poolside Maintenance

• Clear away all junk and items that simply don’t need to be there
• Find a temporary home for any poolside items you want to keep
• Remove dead or dying plants
• Pull weeds in gardens and potted plants
• Mow and rake your lawn
• Sweep and clean your pool deck


Find a blank sheet of paper and a pencil and sketch an outline of your pool and the surrounding area. Sketch in a few plans you have for landscaping.

String Lighting

String lighting can add just the right amount of brightness to an area on overcast days or for those evening pool parties. For backyard decorating, choose small LED lights over larger bulbs. They are lighter and easier to hang, and they are much more energy efficient. An appropriate amount and type of string lighting on your patio or around the pool area can create a stunning ambiance without driving your energy bill sky high. While string lights are a great source of ambiance lighting, be aware of safety hazards and hang the lights in an area where there is no chance of them falling into the water.

Underwater LED Pool Lights

If you are looking for ways to brighten the inside of your pool, look for some LED pool lights. These safe, underwater lights are available in a number of cool colors, are easy to install, and won’t play havoc with your electric bill. In fact, they can drastically lower your bill if you are using them to replace incandescent or halogen bulbs.

LED pool lights have a brighter, cooler, and more vivid lighting range that can adapt to any occasion, Whether you are lounging by the pool for brunch, sitting by the water on a summer’s evening, or hosting a backyard pool party, these lights will provide just the atmosphere you need.

Fireplace Lighting

If you are in search of a lighting source that is a bit less mechanical and more natural, you can’t go wrong with a fire pit A fire is an active source of light that catches people’s attention, illuminates your pool area, and keeps you warm and cozy on cool nights. It also serves as a stunning accent piece for you pool landscaping. No matter what season of the year it is, a poolside fire pit creates a perfect ambiance for your backyard landscaping.

Stone Path

A stone slab path with provide you with solid footing and keep the dirt and grass off your feet . There’s no limit to the various creative options and possibilities of a stone pathway. Select various colors and shades of slabs for a breathtaking mosaic appeal, or match the stones to the color of your pool deck for a clean, crisp, and subtle look. A stone pathway allows you to add a bit of rustic ambiance to your poolside area in just a short amount of time.

Rock Garden and Plants

Rock gardens are a great way to showcase your favorite flowers and plants in a poolside, backyard setting. Just gather a few bags of river rock and fill a bed of dirt with them. Rock gardens add a subtle, yet powerful contrast to a backyard. You could choose a single area for your garden or create a border around the deck of the pool.

Poolside plants and flowers add a vibrant splash of color and lush textures that can provide your pool area with a calm, peaceful atmosphere. A few potted plants or trees is all you need to make you feel like you are in your own tropical paradise.

Plants that Thrive in Full Sun

• Palm trees
• Aloe Vera
• Weeping dalea
• Octopus agave
• Live oak
• Red justicia
• Ornamental grass
• Ivy
• Evergreen trees

Borders and Privacy

If you need a pit of privacy around your pool area, but you aren’t quite sure you want to put a fence up, you could make a privacy hedge instead. A wall of shrubs or trees is an ideal solution for a natural border.

Ideas for Privacy Edges

• Green Giant Arborvitae
• Norway Spruce
• Emerald Green Arborvitae
• Colorado Blue Spruce
• Bamboo

Regardless of the specific design and choices you make for your poolside landscaping, you are sure to enjoy it every season of the year once the job is complete.


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