Ugly Christmas Sweater DIY’s


Christmas sweaters accumulate in the back of everybody’s closet, festooned with marching reindeer, tipsy Santa’s, knitted snowflakes, frolicking elves, and lopsided tree ornaments. The Ugly Christmas Sweater tradition especially caught on in the UK, but now everywhere you look there are ugly sweater Christmas parties in the US. This year create your own Ugly Christmas sweater with the helpful DIY tips below.

Materials You May Need

Prowl gift shops, charity shops, yard sales, and vintage boutiques for likely candidates. You may find a tacky masterpiece that needs little alteration, but if you’re committed to your own unique vision, you might want to start with a plain one.

Thread, Yarn, Wool, or other Fasteners
Attach your decorations to your sweater with a yarn or other fasteners

Tree Decorations
Collect tinsel, ornaments, garland, icicles, and anything else you’d hang on a tree to decorate your ugly sweater.

Christmas Accessories
Stockings, gift wrap, bows, candy canes, and general bric-a-brac are great for dressing up your ugly sweater.

Standard Craft Materials
Craft materials including yarn, pipe cleaners, beads, bells, and party favors are be used to decorate your sweater.

Clothing Scraps
Ties, socks, patches, trim, lace, felt, and fabric swatches are all great scraps for embellishing your sweater.

Theme Ideas

If you’re looking to create an Ugly Christmas Sweater with a them consider your hobby, interest, or fandom is a common pick. A few Christmas sweater crafters go for a theme from a classic holiday TV special, including:

Suggested Themes

• Movies associated with the holidays: such Home Alone, Die Hard, A Christmas Story, and Gremlins.
• Children’s Christmas Movies: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, A Charlie Brown Christmas, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas
• Fandom Ideas: The Star Wars Holiday Special, Star Trek, or Game of Thrones
• Christmas Tree: DIY sweater projects often try to emulate a decorated tree, complete with all the trimmings, or a fireplace and mantle, with stockings and tinsel. The more over-the-top you go with this tactic, the better it gets. Just do give a thought to office safety and comfort.


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