Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas


Christmas is the time of year people enjoy decorating their homes with tons of lights and glittery baubles. Some people go all out decorating the inside of their home while only minimally decorating the outside. Allow your creativity to flow from the interior to the exterior with some of these outdoor decorating ideas.


Wreaths can be minimalistic, reducing adornments to a single bow. They can also be ornate, (decorated with miniature ornaments, ribbon, garland, and lights.) Hang wreaths on doors and front windows. They can also be hung on handmade crafts and vintage items such as reclaimed wood signs and old sleds. If you have large trees in your yard, hang a wreath on the front of them to dress them up. Wreaths can also be hung from the porch railings and smaller versions can be hung on your porch or mailbox post.

Lights Galore

Strings of lights are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Even though your trees might not have leaves, a few twinkling lights can help add a special touch. You can also add nets of lights to shrubs that line your pathway. If you have small evergreen trees or topiary plants, you can add lights to those as well.
Lights can also be hung on your porch and along the guttering of your house. You can hang icicle lights from the gutters. Lighted garland can be wrapped around railings and posts. You can also use large ornament-shaped lights to decorate trees and porches. It is also possible to create your super-sized ornaments by placing strings of light inside them (solar lights are ideal for this option.)

A Tree Outside

Decorating a tree outside creates a good focal point. If you have an evergreen growing in your yard, decorate it just as you would decorate the inside your home. Add lights, garland, and ornaments. You can also decorate an artificial tree and set it up on your porch. If you want to add more flair, you can recreate presents by wrapping empty boxes in paper that matches your decorations. Spray them with a few layers of clear paint to help weather-proof your fake presents.

The Yard

Add a special seasonal touch by decorating your yard. You can use figures to create nativity scenes or simple woodland scenes. Some figures have animation and even play music. Strands of light and chicken wire can be used to create outdoor light balls. You can place them in strategic locations along the walkway or they can also be scattered randomly. If you cannot decide on a specific theme, consider dividing your yard into separate areas. Each area can be used for one theme; your theme can be similar or completely different.
When you are trying to decide how to decorate your yard, keep in mind it is all about your personal preference. Decide whether you want something elegant and simple or bright and cheery. A few well-placed jumbo ornaments, a strand of garland and a wreath can help pull your yard together.

Front Entryway

Some people decide not to decorate their entire yard and choose to only decorate their front entry. This tends to be more personal and elegant. You can frame the doorway in a lighted garland and a few bows. Side tables or pedestals can be decorated with poinsettia and lighted garland.

The Mailbox

When decorating the outside of a home, the mailbox is often overlooked. Your mailbox can tie all your outdoor decorations together or it can create a visual pop. Choose something simple or bright. Simple decorating can include a plain garland with a bow or two. You can also choose a cascade of pine cones, natural evergreen pieces, and some burlap ribbon. Bright and cheery choices include lights, bows, and miniature ornaments. You can wrap lights or lighted garland around your mailbox and down the post. Bows and miniature ornaments can be added to the garland. Whimsical shaped lights are an option too. You can choose from various shapes including presents and little ornament strings.

When you are decorating your home this holiday season, do not forget about the outside of your home. You have so many decorating options available and your creativity can lead to even more. Your outdoor Christmas decorations can perfectly match your indoor decorations for a continuous flow or you can choose something completely different for two unique looks.


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