Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas


A lot of people consider Valentine’s Day to be a high-pressure holiday. This is especially the case for couples who’ve only been dating for a short time or are celebrating a special anniversary. While there are many who plan for this day months in advance, there are also those who wait until the last possible moment. Luckily, the best dates don’t always require large amounts of preparation. Below are a few last-minute ideas for Valentine’s Day.

1. Recreate the First Date

Would you like your loved one to know how special they are to you? Well, you could always recreate your very first date. This is a great way to demonstrate that this was a memorable moment in your life and that you would like to share it with them again.

You’ll be able to reflect on the little things that brought you together. You’ll also be able to relive the moment and share your first impressions with each other. Where was your first date? Did you arrive with a box of candy or flowers? Did you eat dessert at a popular coffee shop? The more details you can recall, the better.

2. Arcade

If you’re interested in doing something out of the ordinary, then you can always embrace your inner child by visiting an arcade. An arcade date will give you a chance to be playful and light-hearted. Be competitive and challenge each other in games such as miniature golf, go-carts, and video games. Win prizes and then gift them to your date. Take pictures at the photo booth. This date is cost-effective and arcades are pretty easy to find.

3. Binge Watch a TV Show

Life can get very busy sometimes. In these instances, it can be difficult to remain up-to-date on your favorite TV shows. If there’s a series that you’ve both been meaning to watch, then take this opportunity to relax and binge-watch together.

You may also consider choosing a couple of movies that neither of you have seen. The best thing about this idea is that you don’t have to fight the movie crowd or worry about getting the best seats. Order a pizza from the comfort of your bed and see who can offer the funniest commentary.

4. Go to the Art Museum

Would you like to do something that involves culture and sophistication? You could always take your date to an art museum. This can be the ideal place for a first date because it gives you something to talk about. And you don’t have to worry about speaking over the noise of a crowded restaurant or concert venue. It’s also something that doesn’t require a reservation.

5. Star Gazing

Do you and your loved one appreciate the wonders of nature? Is so, one of the best and most romantic last-minute Valentine’s day ideas is star gazing. Grab a container of hot chocolate and a blanket and find the darkest area possible. Lay back and enjoy the night sky as it’s lit up with millions of stars.

6. Go for a Night Walk

Another great way to enjoy nature and reconnect is to take a late-night stroll. In fact, some cities offer organized walks. This way, the trail is already planned out for you so that you can simply enjoy being together. If you want to make the night even more special, you could take a carriage ride on your way back.

7. Go On a Picnic

Picnicking is among the most traditional dates. Not only is it relatively inexpensive, but it can also be prepared at a moment’s notice. Simply pack all of your loved one’s favorite snacks, grab a blanket, and choose the most scenic park as your backdrop.

If the weather doesn’t exactly agree with you, you could always change the venue to your living room and create the same setup in the middle of the room. Picnics are great because you can give each other your undivided attention.

8. Flowers

Is your date a big fan of roses, lilies, or tulips? Why not surprise them with a large bouquet of their favorite assortment? This is another traditional idea, but it’s one that always manages to make the other person feel special. And luckily, floral arrangements can be created and delivered in a short amount of time.

9. Cook Together

Do you and your special someone have a shared love for the culinary arts? Well, why not turn it into an event? If you don’t have anything planned, you could always look up the recipe to one of your favorite meals and cook it together. Maybe there’s a dish that you’ve both been dying to try.

Sure, you could always go out to eat, but this simple idea gives you a chance to spend more time together. It can be especially meaningful if you’ve recently been very busy and haven’t had the time to catch up and interact a lot. Even if the dish doesn’t turn out quite as you expected, you’ll definitely create new memories.

10. Ice Skating

Another high-energy activity that you should consider is ice-skating. Whether you’re a newbie or a semi-professional, skating can be an extremely romantic event. Even if one of you falls, you’ll always be there to catch each other. Falling on the ice can also be a great source of comedy, which can lead to even more memories.

Valentine’s day can be a very memorable holiday. However, life can get busy when means that you may not always have the time to plan things out in the way that you would like. The good news is there are plenty of options for those last-minute emergencies. The key is to focus on doing something that allows you to spend time together.

These kinds of activities don’t usually require you to schedule in advance or make major plans. Ideally, you should choose something that helps to create special moments that you’ll remember for quite some time.


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