Holiday Family Photo Tips


Snapping great holiday photos is more important than ever now that social sites like Instagram and Facebook help us share our best shots with friends, family, and the rest of the world. We always want photos of our holiday gatherings and special events. They give us a reason to smile years down the road when the kids are grown and it seems that life has so drastically changed from that moment in time. Great holiday photos stand out in the photo album and instantly warm our hearts when we reminisce upon that special place and time. Use the holiday tips below to ensure every photo you snap this season shines as brightly as the ornaments on the tree.

Set the Stage

Who says staged photos aren’t awesome? For those truly remarkable holiday photos, staging helps ensure every person is in place and ready to say cheese when the shutter snaps. There is no one-size-fits-all staging technique that works better than the next, so do what works best for your crew.

A Time for Photos

Taking great photos with kids is especially difficult when they’re young. The key to successful holiday photos with the kids is scheduling shots when they’re well-rested and not hungry. When a little one is all tuckered out, the day can easily turn from good to tantrum city in 0.5 seconds. Work around the schedule and ensure great photos of everyone in the family including the kids.

Go Outside

Everything is different in the winter. The cold chill creates purity in the air that’s light and eccentric in its own way. It’s also perfect for all of your photography needs during the holiday season. Take photos of family and friends, but also take photos of the snow-covered trees, the birds flying through the air, and the holiday-decorated homes. Or, use these items as backgrounds for shots of your favorite people.

Freeze Frame

Another trick that works well when taking photos of kids is the freeze frame option. Depending on the camera being used for photos, you may be able to use the freeze-frame feature and snap several photos within seconds. When the kids won’t sit still you want photos of the family in action, the continuous mode has you covered.

Utilize Christmas Ornaments

Most holiday photos include Christmas ornaments in some form. They’re a holiday staple that enhances photos in every possible way. Take a few close-up shots of ornaments, use them in the background, and in other fun, innovative ways.

Get a Little Closer

Intimate photographs add an extra layer of flavor to the photo album. Get a little closer to the object if creating these intimate photos is important to you. When you take intimate, up-close photographs, a new story is added to the photo and the memories you hold are even sweeter when you look back at them. Be watchful about objects positioned too closely in the background or items that cut off heads or other body parts of your subject.

Snap Away

The holidays come and go before we know it, forever a part of a day we once knew. Photographs allow us the chance to look back at these moments that we want to hold close to our hearts forever. Don’t be afraid to take photos like a madman during the holidays (and other times of the year, for that matter.) The more photos you take, the more memories and the better chances you’ll score the shot that you really wanted for the photo album.

Unplanned Shots- Before, During, & After

Do not limit yourself to taking photos only during staged moments or during the main events. Get great photos of the event before, during, and after to create a memory book that explodes with excitement when you look at the photos inside. Take photos of the family decorating the tree, putting the final touches on the holiday meal, dressed in their holiday costumes, choir rehearsals, etc. and ensure you enjoy the best photographs years down the road.

Relax & Breath

Holidays bring us closer together with family, friends, and loved ones and that’s what is most important at this time. Do not allow the desire for perfection to stand between your intimate and memorable holiday celebration. Take a deep breath and relax rather than overwhelm yourself with nearly impossible expectations. You’ll soon learn that the best photos happen naturally and never require a lot of hard work.

Holiday Photo Tips 101

Holiday photos help us create the memories we want to cherish forever. Use the tips outlined here if you want amazing holiday photos that stand out in your photo albums. Although every photo you take during the holidays is one worth remembering, using this information allows us to take share-worthy photos that others compliment and rave about.


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