Fun Ways to Celebrate World Kindness Day


Do you know what makes November 13th one of the most remarkable days of the year? This day represents a happy time, a personable post to remind kids and adults of all ages which human principle brings us together. This is a marked day in time for recalling what is so important in this world.

This fabulous day is World Kindness Day, of course!

World Kindness Day is a beautiful acknowledgment of all the good in the world. It is a day of genuine joy and optimistic potential between all living things. It is an action-oriented day where folks all over the world think of fun and crazy ways to bring out the best in each other with all sorts of kind gestures. Good deeds, gentle approaches, zany humor and charitable giving are only a few special ideas that make World Kindness Day such a needed and valuable occasion.

A Little History

World Kindness Day didn’t just pop up out of the blue. Initially made known as a day of observation by the World Kindness Movement, this non-government organization was proudly registered under Swiss law in 2019 as an official non-government organization.

But the depth of its history is traced back to a 1997 Tokyo-based convention communicating the need for more sociological practices of welfare and kindness. Countries such as Australia, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States assembled together with a dedicated understanding of the need for promoting world kindness and the human bond.

In 1998, the inaugural World Kindness Day was debuted “to highlight good deeds in the community focusing on the positive power and the common thread of kindness which binds us.” From that day forward, the purposeful vision of purposeful kindness has helped sustain awareness of how important kindness truly is in this world.

How Kindness Manifests

Another appreciated fact about World Kindness Day is its independence from any political, religious or specific point of view. Kindness can be expressed in any number of ways. How many ways can you think of?

Psychological Perks of Kindness

As it turns out, being privy to kindness actually raises the happy hormones in our brains. The hormone, oxytocin, often referred to as the “love hormone” increases each time we witness acts of kindness. This in turn raises optimism and confidence. Since hormones work together the “happy hormone” called serotonin also gets to work making moods brighter. When moods are bright, kindness automatically becomes more available to be shared.

Speaking of Kindness

Kindness often manifests itself through verbal statements. Expressing kindness through thoughtful comments, letters or lyrics is a beautiful example of creating a positive atmosphere or bringing a smile to someone’s face. Verbal language is a strong motivator. Thus, the significance of finding the right words to encourage a positive difference is more important than ever.

Of course, language comes in many forms. Body language is another intriguing proponent to offering kindness. From shaking hands to giving hugs to simply smiling at passers-by, kindness manifests without saying a single word. Even a little clean humor can be a memorable act of kindness to someone in need.

Let’s take a good look at some other really fun ways to spread the love.

Random Acts of Kindness

Random acts of kindness can often feel like the most appreciated delivery to both the giver and the recipient. There is something uniquely heartfelt when someone does something kind for another whether the recipient is aware of the giving person or not.

Humorous Ideas

– What to do when someone says they want “world peace” for their birthday. Get a soup can, contact paper, glue and other fun craft supplies to make a creative soup can that says “Whirled Peas” on the front. You will be appreciated for listening to the actual birthday request and adding your own special touch.

– Leave funny notes all around the house, inside freezers, in the shower, taped to television remotes and anywhere a note wouldn’t normally be found to brighten up someone’s day.

– Take goofy pictures of your pets. Turn them into pillow cases, throws or magnets to give to kids at random times when they have done a job well.

– When problems arise, support partners by using soft humor or a tasteful joke. By taking responsibility for the problem with soft humor, others feel relieved and appreciative of the softer landing you provided for them.

Community Ideas

– Create a group of friends that are willing to walk door-to-door where elderly folks live and offer minor yard work, haul-away-unwanted items or provide other handyman solutions.

– Tell someone how special they are without being asked to, even if they are a stranger. Everyone needs to know they matter in some small way.

– Offer to take pets for an extra afternoon walk.

– Place a pretty pot of freshly planted flowers on your favorite neighbor’s front porch as an unexpected surprise.

– Friends and family can help clean up trash on neighborhood streets, local parks and other community-used locations.

Collect Items to Donate

– Needy kids will love unexpected new toys. Collect favorite toys for children’s hospitals, church day care facilities and other child-related organizations in need.

– Get creative for the homeless. For women, fill unwanted purses with hygiene items, snacks, lotions, tissues and a gift card for food. For men, fill gently used duffel bags with the same.

– Help stray animals find their way to a safe shelter. Help pay for medical costs or volunteer to keep them company through daily visits or fostering.

– Parents and children over 18 offering your love, forgiveness, assistance and concern to family members who love you is the best act of kindness you can give. Find ways to help make this world a better place by participating in keeping family together or in communication with each other.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to show others some kindness on this day, or even on any random day. While it’s nice to do something unexpected on World Kindness Day, that doesn’t mean your kindness can’t last all year long.


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