How to Get Your Green Thumb Ready for Spring


Spring is coming even though it may not feel like it yet in Long Island. Now is the time to get out your tools and get to growing seedlings indoors for the spring planting. Get your garden tools, seed collections, and green thumb ready. Follow these steps and get your garden abuzz by the time spring graces us with her presence.

Where to Have the Garden?

Choose an area or create boxes in order to grow. The area needs to be level, get at least six hours of sunlight per day, be near a water source, as well as drain well.

Maintenance and Cleanup

A month before planting start cleaning up the gardening area so you’re ready. Clear out fallen branches and leaves. This is a great time to start composting if you don’t already. Add the leaves to your compost pile and make certain all of your tools are clean and ready to work.

Start Seeds Indoors

Placing seeds directly in to the ground will not work for all seed types. Some seeds have to be started indoors. You then transplant the seedlings in to the garden. You can also purchase starter plants. As the seeds are growing, place them in an area where they are protected from the frost and chilly bite of the cold winds.

Choose Containers

Choose the containers you want to start your seeds in. You can use paper cups with holes in the bottom for drainage or make your own from newspaper or cardboard. These are perfect choices because you won’t have to remove the seedling and can simply place the full container in to the ground and it will biodegrade naturally. It is also helpful to have a container to set all of your smaller containers inside, allowing the seedlings to soak. Buy some starter mix and keep your seedlings in a well sunlit area.

Work the Soil

Some people work the soil and others choose to not work the soil and go for a no-dig method. By going no-dig that means you would have to have prepped the area a few months before now, so note this method for a later time. Working the soil is to break it up, removing the weeds, and to get rid of other dead plant matter.

Raise the Temperature

You can control the temperature of the ground by placing black plastic on the area where you will plant. This will not only help to keep those pesky weeds out, but your new seedlings will love the warmth of the Earth that you have prepared for them.

Enjoy getting ready for your gorgeous garden this spring. Happy seed starting!


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