Tips for Working Out in the Summer Heat


Summer has its perks, including beach season! Don’t cut back on your workout just because it’s hot out. Keep consistent with your workouts without letting the heat get the best of you with the helpful tips below. Get beach-ready body while staying calm and cool under the hot summer sun!

1. Stay Hydrated

While there are different guidelines on how much water to consume daily, the general fallback is still the “8 by 8” rule, which says to drink eight glasses of eight ounces each of water per day. Be careful not to overdo your hydration either, water intoxication can be just as dangerous as dehydration.

2. Train Early

It can be dangerous to work out during very hot or very humid periods when your body will have to fight harder to stay cool. Heat stroke isn’t anything to play around with, it can be deadly! Aim for workouts earlier in the morning, you may actually be able to work out for longer and with greater intensity because you will have more energy in the cooler conditions.

3. Change Up Your Routine

There is no rule that says you can’t workout in the pool or at the beach! Swimming is fantastic exercise and you will also stay cooler. If you are an avid outdoor runner, consider moving your runs off road to a wooded nature trail or bike path that offers plenty of shade. Biking or rollerblading can also be more cooling than walking or hiking.

4. Take Your Workout Indoors

Watch the weather report to be alerted when temperatures are headed into the danger zone and so you can head indoors. Hot days are perfect for practicing yoga or heading to the gym for some high interval training or a fun dance class.

5. Concentrate On How You Feel

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can creep up on you while you are otherwise occupied concentrating on your workout. If you start to feel dizzy, nauseated, off-balance, light-headed, headache-y or your heart begins to race, take notice. These are all signs that your body is overheating and a warning to stop what you are doing immediately and seek cool and help.

6. Trim the Workout Time

As long as you stay healthy and well hydrated and you feel good doing it, you should be able to maintain your regular schedule of indoor fitness activities.
If you are a die-hard outdoor enthusiast and you really crave your outdoor time while you exercise, it can be a smart idea to trim the length of your workouts to avoid the risks of overheating. Aim for is a high quality training session over a longer workout.

7. Wear the Right Gear

Today’s workout gear is not only flattering and attractive to wear, but it is literally engineered to help you build endurance and achieve your fitness goals. Invest workout outfits with high wicking action (this keeps you cool and dry by pulling the sweat away from your skin – “wicking” action.)

8. Be Especially Mindful of Your Daily Nutrition

When you are exercising during times of temperature extremes, what you put in your body really matters. Choosing hydrating fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean meats and plenty of water will keep your body strong and nourished to support you during your workouts.

Summer is a wonderful season to get outdoors, get fit and active and enjoy the park, the beach, the pool and all the fun warm weather sports and activities you love most. Just remember to give your body a little extra TLC to stay safe while you are working up a sweat outdoors this summer!


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