Relaxation Techniques for Better Health


If you aren’t relaxing enough, then you can develop an assortment of health issues that can undermine your well-being. The stress from work, school, and/or home life can lead to mental health problems in addition to physical problems, so you should understand the best ways to calm down by using some of these relaxation techniques.


You don’t need to sit in an uncomfortable position for several hours to enjoy the benefits from meditation. Find a quiet place to sit in a chair or to recline on the floor, making sure to close your eyes. Relax your tense muscles by beginning at your toes and going upward to your face. Clear your mind of all of its troubling thoughts while ignoring the sounds from outside. Some individuals prefer listening to quiet instrumental music while meditating, and rather than closing your eyes, you can look at a focus object such as a statue. You can also use a mantra or repetitive words to help clear your mind. In the beginning, this process may seem difficult, but you will improve so that it is fast and easier to relax as time goes on.


With the right types of exercise, you can have a relaxed body and mind. You can go on long walks at a nearby park to look at the trees and wildlife, or you may prefer to join a sports team to play soccer. Participating in sports or exercising will keep you from thinking about stressful things, and when you are moving, it increases your heart rate and lung capacity to improve your health. It is a good idea to exercise for at least 45 minutes three times a week to help you relax, but if you don’t have large blocks of time for physical activity, then you can exercise for only a few minutes to improve your mental and physical well-being.


While you breathe constantly, you may not do it in the proper way. Most individuals tend to take shallow breaths that don’t bring enough oxygen into the body, leading to health problems. If you are feeling anxious, then you will likely take fast and shallow breaths rather than breathing deeply. You can find books or DVDs that will teach you how to breathe deeply so that your lungs are filled with fresh air along with eliminating the dirty air that is remaining inside your lungs. When you first begin to learn about deep breathing, you might need to sit in a chair and concentrate carefully, but as you do this practice more, it can change the way that you breathe each day while you engage in your normal daily activities.


If you work or study all of the time, then you won’t have a chance to relax and socialize. You should live a balanced life that includes having fun with your friends. This might include going to the movies or out to dinner with a group of friends, or alternatively, you may choose to have a get-together at your own home. For some individuals, attending a religious institution once or twice a week is a way to socialize with others. You can also have a hobby that requires socializing, including collecting coins or making quilts, or a book club. Try to socialize at least once a week to have a relaxed mind and body.


Having a diary or a journal to write down your thoughts is an easy way to relax. Some individuals get into this habit at an early age by writing for a few minutes before going to sleep. With a journal, you can keep track of the happy things that happen during the day, or you might prefer to grumble about the bad things that have happened. This can be a great emotional release for some and helps to express any lingering negativity. You can create a list of goals for the next day so that you won’t waste time. The process of writing can help you to clear the troubling thoughts from your mind so that you can relax and sleep peacefully.


You should have one or more hobbies to help you relax. It is a good idea to have at least one hobby that you can do alone, but hobbies that include other people are also a great idea. You might enjoy fishing at the local lake on the weekends, or you may prefer spending the day at a nearby library researching your family’s genealogy. Group hobbies can include working in a community garden to grow produce for a soup kitchen or joining an amateur theatrical organization. In many cases, you may enjoy participating in a hobby more than you like your current job or your educational experiences. It’s important to engage in hobbies that make you happy and give you something to look forward to.


Yoga is one of the most popular relaxation techniques because it combines several important elements, including exercising, breathing, socializing and having a hobby. While you can perform yoga at home, if you are a beginner, then joining a class is a great idea. Some yoga instructors will also teach you how to meditate in addition to explaining the best breathing techniques. Before or after a yoga class, you can socialize with your other classmates. Yoga can become a regular hobby for you when you also begin to practice it at home each day.


If you are inside all of the time, then you aren’t getting enough exposure to natural sunlight. During the summer, go outside for at least 15 to 30 minutes to expose your skin to sunlight that can increase the amount of vitamin D that is stored in your body. Make sure to slather on the sunscreen before doing this to avoid any damage from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. When it is too hot or too cold to go outside, make sure to open the drapes or window blinds in your home or office to have some exposure to sunlight. This can have a psychological effect on your mind to help you relax.


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