Post Thanksgiving Recovery Tips


If you over do it on Thanksgiving, don’t feel alone. Most people do tend to treat themselves to foods they normally limit or avoid altogether. However, after Thanksgiving, it’s time to deal with the consequences. Here are five tips to help get your diet back on track after Thanksgiving.

Water is Your Friend

Even if you don’t have a health issue that requires you to avoid certain foods, many Thanksgiving favorites are full of carbohydrates. Since moderation was not the order of the day, all those empty carbs likely left your body feeling a little dehydrated. That’s especially true if you drank beverages with caffeine.

The day after is the ideal time for water. Drink it plain or toss in some fresh pieces of fruit for a little flavor. You’ll be surprised how much sipping water throughout the day will help you start to recover from that Thanksgiving binge.

Light Exercise

You aren’t likely to feel like heading to the gym for a full workout. In fact, that may not be the best thing for you during your recovery. Instead, get out and enjoy some light exercise. Go for a nice walk around the neighborhood, or meet up with some friends and take a walk through the park.

The fresh air, sunshine, and the activity that comes with a brisk walk will help you feel better. Once you get a little exercise, it’s fine to devote the rest of the day to loafing.

Don’t Skip Meals

Skipping meals today is not going to reverse what happened the day before. In fact, not eating is actually bad for you. Your body will recover faster if you supply it with some of the vitamins and minerals that it needs.

Even if the idea of food fills you with dread, prepare and consume small portions of nutritious food. Focus on selections with complex rather than simple carbohydrates, and higher concentrations of nutrients. You’ll be feeling less bloated and more energetic by the end of the day.

Freeze Rather Than Eat the Leftovers

Who says you have to eat all the leftovers right away? Freeze anything that will keep properly and maintain the taste and consistency when you warm it up later. Consider using containers that allow you to break the leftovers into portions. That will make it easy to have something ready to grab and take to work the following week.

Get Dressed

It’s tempting to remain in your pajamas the day after Thanksgiving. Make yourself get dressed instead. Doing so will help you feel a little better about yourself and encourage you to get your diet back on track if your pants are feeling tight.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, but be prepared to get back on track the day after. With a little planning, you’ll recover faster and be ready for the next round of holiday food and fun.


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