Healthy Eating Tips from the American Heart Association


The American Heart Association’s Healthy for Good™ movement celebrates Eat Smart Month this November to help you to “Be The Best You” not just during the holiday season but all year round. Below are some helpful tips so you can lead a healthy life.

Did you know that few American adults and less than one percent of children meet the American Heart Association’s definition of ideal cardiovascular health? This is due to health factors including poor diet, inadequate physical activity, and being overweight or obese. More education and resources are needed for all to help increase our intake of healthy foods since most U.S. adults and children are not eating the recommended amounts of fruits and vegetables.

The American Heart Association’s Healthy for Good™ movement celebrates Eat Smart Month this November with recipes and science-backed tips to help you to “Be The Best You” – at your peak – this holiday season and all year round.

While eating smart and maintaining a healthy weight is key, an overall healthy lifestyle that also includes getting at least 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity and not smoking, will help lead to the ultimate gift – healthy holidays for years to come.

Four Tips to Stay Healthy

Balance is Key

Enjoy splurging during the holidays , but don’t overdo it.  If you miss a workout, take the stairs or park farther away from the entrance and walk.

Add Color to Your Plate

Practice choosing colorful foods to ensure you are getting enough fruits and vegetables in your diet. Remember eat the rainbow!

Sip Smarter

Replace sugary drinks like soda with water or seltzer to avoid excess calories. Squeeze a lemon, orange or lime in your water to give it extra flavor without extra calories. You can even add herbs and cucumber to your water for a light and refreshing beverage.

Keep the Family Active

Pick activities the whole family will love and get active together while you have fun. If you pick an activity that you enjoy, exercise will be fun and not feel like a chore.
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