Benefits of Foam Rolling


Consistently using foam rollers has been proven to offer similar benefits to getting a deep tissue massage. Investing in a quality foam roller will not just provide physical benefits but also mental clarity as well. Those who are active are more advised to take advantage of these rollers, as their bodies go through more recovery time. Even if you’re not an athlete, if you are active by nature, making use of a foam roller will benefit you in the long run. Not tending to sore joints can actually hinder the body from healing faster than it could. If you’re still not convinced on getting one yourself, learning more of its benefits may do the trick.

Benefits of Foam Rolling

A few minutes of foam rolling everyday can help to break down scar tissues in your joints by releasing the stress and tightness. What it does is help to circulate the blood of the areas that experience fatigue. This in turn can also help to increase your overall flexibility. When you roll before a workout, you will be able to prepare your muscles properly and prevent injury. After your workout however, rolling will help to recover the muscles to rejuvenate any tissues that have been exercised.

Your range of motion will increase due to the roller helping to increase your flexibility. On top of that, recovery time will also decrease, as it encourages your muscles blood flow to regulate at faster speeds. To maintain a healthy body, scar tissue must break down properly. When left alone, you will be susceptible to nodules and knots in your joints which can lead to further physical ailments.

Lactic acid buildup in your muscles happen when you exercise certain muscle groups for a certain period of time. When you foam roll properly, that lactic acid build up dissipates allowing the area to feel to be more mobile. The benefits are quite endless for foam rolling, but that does not mean simply rolling will do the trick. Knowing proper technique is crucial to receiving the best possible benefits foam rolling has to offer.

How to Get the Most Out of Foam Rolling

Before doing anything, it’s important to first target the problem areas such as the legs and hips. To get the best stretch within the butt and hips area, first sit down and place one foot over your leg without fully crossing your legs. Be sure to do this as you are sitting on the foam roller. Go through the area 5 to 10 times and try to hold on the sweet part for as long as you can each stride. Target the chronically tight areas such as the glutes, calves, quads, spine, and hamstrings according to most painful first then work your way to other areas. Short quick strokes are recommended for the more intense pained areas.

Overall, foam rolling should take you roughly 8 minutes to complete whether you are doing it before or after a workout. Try not to overdo one specific area, as it can cause more harm than good when too much pressure is applied. Ease into it and you will feel a huge difference in no time.


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