5 Important Reasons to Go for a Mammogram


When it comes to going to the doctor for a breast exam, it’s important schedule regular appointments. Below are five important reasons to schedule a mammogram.

1. Early Detection Can Save Your Life

Self breast exams are important and can help identify problems, but they are no substitute for a mammogram. Your chances of surviving breast cancer are far greater when it is detected early. A mammogram can show tumors long before you are able to feel them. When you catch breast cancer in the early stages, your choices of treatment options are greater and survival rates increase.

2. It’s a Quick Process

A mammogram only takes a few minutes, and if you have a skilled technician, the discomfort may be barely noticeable. Doctors advise scheduling the procedure well after your menstrual cycle when breast tenderness is at a minimum.

3. Your Risk of Breast Cancer Increases Each Year

If you are over the age of 40, your risks of developing breast cancer are much greater. Every ten years after this, the risk doubles. This is why it is important for women over 40 to have a mammogram at least every two years. If you have increased risk factors, such as a family history of breast cancer or a high body mass index, it is recommended that you go in yearly.

4. You Can Be A Good Example to the Women In Your Life

Set a good example to your daughters or women who look up to you by getting a yearly mammogram. Letting them see you taking care of your health can encourage them to do the same.

5. Regular Mammograms Make Comparisons Easy

Regular mammograms allow your doctor to easily assess if this is a new issue or if there are changes to be concerned about. It helps them make a more accurate decision about the next steps for you or if they even need to follow up.

If you are still hesitant about picking up a phone and making an appointment, think about the people closest to you, and do it for them. Coping with breast cancer is difficult for not just you, but your entire circle of family and friends. It is better to be preventive and get a mammogram.


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