Your Ultimate Fall Fashion Yard Sale Buying Guide


The rise of “vintage” and “retro” fashion has made secondhand shopping the ideal way to snag fall fashion must-haves at an affordable price. Follow the strategies below to find quality clothes and accessories at yard sales this fall.

Develop a Plan

If you want to look fashionable for fall, you need to know what kind of trends to go for. Take note of the styles that appeal to you. Once you have the foundation established, you can build up with some trendier items like accessories.

When you are shopping at a yard sale, there are two big factors in scoring big: location and timing. Focus on attending at yard sales in neighborhoods that on the more affluent side. Realistically, the items sold in those areas better quality. Remember people love a good bargain; beat the competition by going within the first hour of the sale.

Items to Look for


Sweaters are functional and keep your warm and cozy in colder weathers. You can easily wear them over a shirt for milder weather or use them as a middle layer under a heavier coat for when the temperature drops further.

If you are buying a sweater from a yard sale, look at the material. The best ones are made from natural materials or a blend of it. Synthetic materials tend to be uncomfortable and do not allow your skin to breathe. The material should also not pill too much, this can make the sweater look shabby and make it threadbare faster. Take a look also at the overall shape of the sweater. Does it properly fit your body? Are the sleeves long enough? If the fit is off, the sweater will end up looking bad no matter what the style.


Shoes are a tricky buy when it comes to yard sales. Watch out for stains and foul smells from the shoes. It is often difficult to remedy these flaws from organic material, like leather. Fit is also a major consideration when shopping for boots in a yard sale. Make sure to try on the shoes for a few minutes so you know that you will be able to wear them.


When purchasing a scarf from a yard sale, look at the quality if there are frayed ends, pass up on it because knitted items are difficult to repair. Buy a scarf that is on trend, this will make your purchase look like a new item.


Test the zippers, snaps, and other hardware on a coat or jacket. Inspect the stitching and make sure that they are even and intact. Make sure that the coat or jacket still has enough life to last long enough to give you your money’s worth.


Add a pair of trendy glasses to your fall wardrobe. Yard sales are the perfect time to try out trends because the price points make it easier to experiment.

When choosing sunglasses, check for any scratches on the lenses. Look at the stems to see that they are unbent and can still grip your face.


Always be on the lookout for jewelry at yard sales. You can pick up statement necklaces, rings, or vintage brooches. Of course, the real gems are great, but even costume jewelry can class up an outfit if they are made well. Inspect that the stones are all present and that they are well-glued. Try on the jewelry to see if the clasps and closures are all working.


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