How to Give a Meaningful Mother’s Day Gift Without Breaking the Bank


While flowers are a basic staple for Mother’s Day, but chances are, you probably want to give her something more meaningful. When it comes to giving a meaningful Mother’s Day gift, here are some suggestions that won’t break the bank.

Make a Photo Gift

There are an unlimited number of items that you can have customized with special photos from coffee mugs to t-shirts to blankets and even quilts. Whether you have a single photo from a special day or a handful of photos, putting them on something mom sees every day will create a much-treasured gift.

Create a Scrapbook

Create a scrapbook or memory book with pictures. Put together a special book for her that she can treasure forever.

Make a “Soundtrack of Your Life” Playlist

The very best gifts are ones that take some time, thought and planning. Talk to relatives, old friends and people who knew your mom long before she was ever “mom” and find out what songs she loved to listen to. Chances are, you might find out some surprises about your mom that may even help you see her in a whole new light and maybe even appreciate her more than ever. Extra bonus points if you learn the dance steps to a song she loved and can dance with her as well.

Have a Family Photo Shoot

Moms love more than showing off photos of their kids and grandkids. Even better is when all the kids and/ or grandkids are together in one photo looking their best. Hire a professional photographer or just get the whole family together to take a family photo.

Put On a Show for Her

Host a family variety show, act in a play written by one of the family members or even just put together a dance routine to one of her favorite songs. To capture the moment, take a video so can watch it again and again.

Special Calendar

Show your mom you love her all year round. Have a calendar made with 12 of her favorite photos or a photo of a different family member for each month, or you can make your own calendar with a special quote for each day of the year. If you want to make something truly memorable, print out 365 thoughts, quotes, poems or memories and create an “advent style” calendar.

Make a Video

If mom lives far away create a special video instead. Each member of the family can record a special message for mom. Video editing is easier than ever before with a wide variety of easy-to-use apps and programs that will allow you to set your video to music, add special effects and even add text.


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