Creative Ways to Use Leftover Valentine’s Day Candy


If you still have leftover Valentine’s Day candy, you may be looking for ways to use up it up. Here are some lovely ways to use up your candy and have the hearts of everyone that you share them with.

1) Substitute for Chocolate Chips

Leftover Valentine’s Day chocolate can be used as a substitute for chocolate chips. Put them in cookies, pancakes, cakes, or any other recipes that have chocolate chips as one of the ingredients.

2) Conversation Hearts Ideas

If you are getting married or are planning a wedding for someone else, conversation heart candies can be used as part of the wedding decor. You can put them in clear containers with candles, use them on the tables instead of confetti, or glue them on almost anything. You can also use them as cake decor or for games at a bridal shower.

3) Chatty Cocktail

To make a chatty cocktail, dissolve conversation hearts in vodka and crush some up to rim the glass. This pastel colored drink is also a perfect cocktail for Easter.

4) Conversation Heart Sugar Scrub

To make this sugar scrub, crush conversation hearts in a baggie. Then, mix it with sugar and coconut oil and for soft and sweet smelling skin.

5) Sweet Science

Put conversation hearts in a glass with water and vinegar, to conduct a science experiment. Have your children watch what happens when these liquids mix together with the candies. Let them write down a hypothesis before you conduct the experiment, to see if they were correct.

6) Blabby Bark

Melt leftover Valentine’s Day chocolate or white chocolate wafers and put conversation hearts on top to make a colorful bark.

8) Valentine’s Day Trail Mix

You can make a homemade Valentine’s Day trail mix with pumpkin seeds, any dried fruit, peanuts, pecans, and Valentine’s Day chocolates or conversation hearts.

9) Gabby Gooey Brownies

These brownies will not be around long for you and your family to talk about. All you will have to do is make your favorite brownies and put some conversation hearts on the top before the brownies cool off. You can also put leftover Valentine’s Day chocolate in the batter for extra gooey brownies.

10) Romantic Rice Krispy Treats

These Rice Krispy treats are a great way for you to use up your leftover conversation hearts. Make the treats the way you normally do and add the conversation hearts to your mix. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make your treats heart shaped.

Enjoy these creative ways to use any leftover Valentine’s Day candy. Bake a variety of food items, make gifts, do science experiments, and more. Just like the love you spread year round, there is a lot of fun and love to be found in your leftover Valentine’s Day candy.


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