How to Pick the Perfect New Year’s Eve Champagne


Champagne is the ultimate party drink for New Year’s. It’s crisp, sparkly, and bubbly. Not only does it taste amazing and look pretty, it’s a key part of any New Year’s Eve celebration! We’re ringing in 2019 with a few tips and tricks to pick the perfect New Year’s Eve champagne. Here are few tips on how to ring in 2019 by picking the perfect New Year’s Eve champagne.

Champagne vs. Sparkling White Wine

It’s important to differentiate between champagne and sparkling white wine.
True champagne comes from the Champagne region of France. Sparkling wine is not champagne and neither is Prosecco. While they are both very enjoyable and can be made using the Champagne method, do they are not real champagnes.

Choosing a Sweetness

When choosing your champagne, you’ll have a choice between Sec, Demi-Sec, and Brut. These are the three sweetness levels assigned to champagne. If you want a super sweet bubbly, choose demi-sec. Brut is a great choice if you lack a sweet tooth or if you are pairing it with snacks.

Go Vintage

Vintage champagnes are made from exceptional grapes. To spot a vintage champagne, look to see if it has a year listed. Vintages have matured at least 36 months. They only use grapes from one year’s harvest. The grapes from that exceptional harvest are set aside and used to create limited quantity blends from that year. This creates a delicate flavor and a sense of luxury while sipping the bubbly. Non-vintage champagnes can be good too, providing a unique taste by capturing multiple harvests.

Pretty in Pink

There’s something about rose gold and pink that screams fancy. If you are a fan of pink, you are in luck. Rose champagne is a blend of white champagne and a splash of red wine, usually Pinot Noir. It’s an extremely popular drink at weddings and amongst Millennials.

Beware of Sugar

If you’re inviting a diabetic or health-conscious guest to your celebration, you’ll want to choose champagnes with a low sugar content. Brut Nature champagne doesn’t contain any sugar, but it is also very dry. Brut and extra brut both have relatively low sugar content, so you may want to keep a few bottles on hand.

If you love sparkling wine, you will love champagne. It’s exceptional taste and quality make it an epicurean experience and a celebration all in one bottle. With so many different variants, don’t be discouraged if you don’t like the first champagne you try. Have fun and experiment with several different types to pick the best champagne for you and your party guests.


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