Fun Ways to Celebrate International Beer Day


International Beer Day is a holiday that gives people around globe an opportunity to enjoy beer in all its diverse forms. Participants also recognize the service of the people who brew and serve this popular beverage in taverns, pubs, bars, and breweries.

Consider These Fun Ideas for Celebrating the 2018 International Beer Day:

Promote Your Favorite Craft Beer

Do you really, really like a particular brand of beer or ale? Consider making a video about your opinion and posting it on social media. You might challenge your friends to do the same. By spreading the word about the most exciting craft beers, you’ll help other people enjoy them, too!

Give a Small Token of Appreciation to Your Favorite Brewery or Pub Servers

Thank your favorite brewery or pub servers. Nice gestures of appreciation let people know you appreciate them!

Treat Your Friends to Dinner at Your Favorite Pub

Celebrate International Beer Day by going out to dinner with your best friends at your favorite pub or tavern. Share a flight and enjoy the night!

Sponsor a Craft Beer Tasting Festival in Your Home Town

Sponsor a local craft beer tasting event at a local restaurant or pub. Give an award to the most popular craft beer, local brewers and servers.

Present an International Beer Day Lecture

Conduct a lecture about the history of beer. Educate your beers on why craft beer is awesome!

Organize an International Beer Day Party

Throw and International Beer Day party! Friday is not only International Beer Day; it’s also National Watermelon Day! Sample watermelon flavored beer and have your friends vote for their favorite.

Plan a Local Craft Brewing Tour

Plan a community-wide International Beer Day tour! Allow local craft breweries and taverns to showcase their facilities and highlight their best products.

Conduct a Beer Art or Beer Music Festival

Whether you enjoy jiving to classics like “101 Bottles of Beer on The Wall” or admiring objects d’art composed of beer bottles or aluminum pop-off tabs, you’ll readily incorporate these pastimes into your Beer Day festivities.

Sponsor an International Beer Day Scholarship

Do you know a young person in your community interested in seeking a career in the craft brewing or beer sales industry? Or have you met a server or beverage delivery person who’d like to attend a local college training program? Consider helping them out by establishing a scholarship in honor of International Beer Day.

Vacation in Your Favorite Beer Producing City

People produce and drink beer in many nations around the globe. One fun way to celebrate this holiday involves traveling to a distant location to sample the local beers. From Berlin and Munich to Johannesburg and San Francisco, you’ll likely discover some remarkable and memorable brews!

Share This Happy Occasion With Others!

Celebrating International Beer Day this year will appeal to people around the world. Enjoy yourself during this inclusive, fun holiday! Always remember to bring along a designated driver if you plan on partying during the festivities and some members of your group will imbibe alcoholic beverages. This fun celebration commemorates the importance of a vibrant, very economically significant global industry.


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