Fun Ways to Celebrate National Beer Day


National Beer Day signifies the celebration of beer. This “holiday” came about in 1933 when President Roosevelt signed an order marking an official end to Prohibition. Since then, April 7th is a date to remember and enjoy to the fullest if you are a beer-drinker. Here are some fun ways to celebrate this historic day.

Host a Keg Party with Friends
Host a keg party at home and enjoy beers in a safe atmosphere. Simply reserve a keg from a local beer distributor and pick it up the date of the event.

Go to a Local Bar
Bars are known for having a variety of beers on tap to enjoy. Consider heading out on the town to meet up with friends or family members and enjoy few beers from your local breweries. Check out the entertainment offered at these establishments before making your decision on where to visit. You may find a bar with a great band, disc jockey, or even karaoke available to keep you and your guests enthralled for hours while you partake in your beverage of choice. Make sure to have a designated driver available or car service so you can indulge without worrying.

Enjoy Nature with a Few Beers
Many people enjoy a few beers while spending time in the great outdoors. Camp out in your backyard with some beers and your favorite snacks or bring a few beers with you on fishing or on a canoeing excursion.

Go to a Ballgame
Sports and beer is a great mix. Sporting events are often sponsored by beer companies and will have several different types of beer ready to try.

See a Favorite Singer or Group in Concert
Celebrate Natural Beer Day with great tunes and beverages at a local concert or music festival. Concert halls, festivals, and even county fairs sell beer. Bring a few friends out for a night of fun.

Take a Trip to a Brewery
Many breweries have tours available for guests to enjoy. Take a guided tour of a brewery and learn about the brewing process. The best part about taking a brewery tour is there are free beer samples to enjoy.

Beer and Food Pairings
Beer goes well with several different foods. Beer and pizza, for example, is a pair of savory treats many consume together. Order a few pies, grab a few cases, and invite some friends over for laughs, food, and drink. Another idea is to use your favorite beer in a recipe. Beer works well as a marinade ingredient, as well as in bread. Find a cookbook with recipes that include beer and celebrate this holiday with special treats.

Try a Few New Flavors
Most people have an “old standby” beer that they tend to flock to. Instead of picking the usual, mix it up by trying new beer brands and styles. Some beer stores let you mix and match your six pack. Find one of these establishments and browse the selection of beers they have available. You may actually find a few new favorites.

Game Night
Game night will never be the same if a few ice cold beers are a part of the package. Break out some board games and invite some of your friends over for a night full of laughs. Make the night more entertaining with a few “drinking games” incorporated into the mix.


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