Fun Desserts to Make With Halloween Candy


Halloween is over; you are the proud owner of bags and bags candy. You don’t want your kids to binge eat all of their candy over the next few days, but you don’t want to throw it out. Why not repurpose it into a tasty dessert? Here are some great suggestions for desserts made from your trick-or-treat candies.

A Chocolate Fondue

If your sweet bounty includes large and small chocolate bars, you are in luck. Melt these down in the top of a double boiler, a small slow cooker or a fondue pot. Cut up fresh fruits such as apples, strawberries, cantaloupe, and grapes. Gather other “dunkable” ingredients such as marshmallows, maraschino cherries, brownie squares, cubes of pound cake, small doughnuts, and chunks of angel food cake. Purchase wooden skewers so family and guests can pierce the ingredients they desire and then dip them into the warm chocolate. Add a bowl of pretzel sticks to dip for a sweet and salty contrast.

Cookies and Bars

Instead of making classic chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin cookies and plain brownies and bars, choose to add M & M’s, Skittles, pieces of chocolate bars, and even gummy bears to your cookie dough or bar mixture. Prepare as usual and serve warm for the ultimate effect. Top with ice cream or a dollop of whipped cream for an elegant touch.

Glorified Puffed Rice Treats

Make your puffed rice treats absolutely sensational by melting peanut butter/chocolate bars and spreading it over the top. You can also take the very same ingredients (listed with the cookies and bars) and mix them in with the cereal and marshmallow mixture. For the holidays, you can form turkeys, a puffed rice train, a holiday house, gift boxes, and much more. Decorate your masterpiece with sour gummies, peppermints, lifesavers, licorice sticks, and red hots.

Dessert Skewers

Alternate pieces of chocolate bars with gummy candy, soft fruit-flavored candies, fresh fruit, and marshmallows on a skewer. Arrange in a decorative circle on a holiday platter. Make caramel, white chocolate, and whipped cream dipping sauces for even more pizzazz.

No-Bake Drop Cookies

Melt your chocolate bars (even those with nuts) in a double boiler or slow cooker. Mix in shredded coconut or quick oatmeal and drop spoonfuls onto waxed paper. Allow your cookies to cool. Peel the cookies from the paper and arrange on a tray for easy serving. Inform your guests if your cookies include peanuts or nuts in case of allergies.

Homemade Ice Cream

Take out your ice cream maker and make a batch of smooth vanilla ice cream. Add distinctive candy bar flavors such as Snickers, Kit Kats, Heath Bars, Baby Ruth’s, M & M’s, and Milky Ways to the mix when the ice cream is formed. If have cookies such as Oreos, chocolate chip cookies and iced animal crackers, add them to this delicious mix.

A Gingerbread House

Try making your candy last until Christmas for your holiday baking projects. Make a gingerbread house as a special dessert for a children’s party or holiday gathering and use the small pieces of leftover candy to decorate. If this is too time consuming or too big of a project, just make gingerbread men and decorate them with small pieces of candy.

Classic Sundae Bar

One of the most interesting and exciting desserts you can assemble is an ice cream bar. Scoop vanilla ice cream into dessert dishes. Fill small bowls with all types of candy including small pieces of peppermint candy, crushed nuts and peanuts, gummy worms and bears, crushed Oreos, and an assortment of crushed or cut pieces of candy bars such as Heath bars, Snickers, Butterfingers, Milky Ways, Reese’s, and Hershey bars with almonds. Let your guests build the sundae of their dreams by adding their favorite toppings.

Garnish Using Candy

Use leftover candies as a garnish. For example, small candy pumpkins can sit atop a splash of whipped cream on a heavenly slice of chocolate cake. Candy corn makes a delightful turkey out of an ordinary cookie. Gummies, orange slices, and crushed peppermint all make an excellent addition to top iced cupcakes.

Amaze your friends and relatives with these tempting treats. Candy has a long shelf life, so you will be able to utilize some of these suggestions for your Thanksgiving meal and December celebrations. Get ready for fun, creative, tasty desserts.

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