Frightfully Easy No-Bake Halloween Desserts


With Halloween is days away, the hassle of preparing, cooking and baking goodies can really put a damper on your holiday spirit. When planning a get-together or party, desserts and are a must. Try these quick and frightfully easy no-bake Halloween desserts.

Black Cat Oreo Cookies

These adorable black cat Oreo cookies are incredibly simple to make. Simply take two regular Oreo cookies, smother them in decadent melted chocolate. Then, use that same chocolate as an adhesive to attach the cookies to one another in the formation of a black cat. Simply shape two tiny cat ears from the chocolate for the cat’s head. Add eyes and whiskers using candy pieces. It won’t be bad luck to cross paths with these black cats this Halloween.

Pumpkin Cheesecake Mummy Truffles

Pumpkin cheesecake mummy truffles are delightfully spooky and so delicious that you might want to mummify yourself to keep from eating them all. Ingredients include gingersnap cookie crumbs, softened cream cheese, white chocolate chips and red food coloring for two beady red eyes.

Frankenstein Jell-O Shots

This dessert is not intended for children. The Frankenstein Jell-O shot is simply a regular Jell-O shot made to look like Frankenstein’s monster. Just make an average Jell-O shot, including your favorite alcohol or liquor. Add crumbled Oreo cookies for his hair and either M&Ms, marshmallows, or candy eyeballs for his eyes. Voila, you have a Jell-O shot that could bring the dead back to life.

Spider Donuts

Make spider donuts using one donut and one donut hole. Place a chocolate covered donut hole on top of the actual donut, right above its opening. Use a chocolate magic shell to draw the donut hole spider legs over the sides of the donut. Use candies of your preference for the eyes. Kids will love these spooky spider donuts.

Cemetery Dirt Cake

Chocolate pudding, Oreo cookie crumbles and a whole cup of sweet goodies is all you need to make a cemetery dirt cake. Simply prepare a regular dirt cake cup, but add marshmallow or candy tombstones to the top. For added effect, scatter bone candies over the top layer of the faux soil and throughout the entire cup. Partygoers won’t be able to get enough of these cemetery dirt cake cups.

Peanut Butter Eyeballs

Peanut butter balls are easy and require no baking. Prepare peanut butter balls with some added spooky effects. Use a white chocolate dip for the white part of the eyeball along with red food coloring to achieve a realistic blood shoteye effect.

Graveyard Cupcakes

Buy cupcakes at your local convenience or grocery store (your friends won’t notice a difference.) Create graveyard cupcakes using candy or marshmallows for your gravestones and crumbled up Oreos as the dirt.

Haunted Cookie House

Christmas may be the official time of year for gingerbread, but who said you can’t use it for Halloween too? Create a Haunted House using any type of cookie, including gingerbread. Use a fondue, icing or candy coating for the outer layer and all the scary details will pop right out at you.

Halloween Peeps

This recipe takes marshmallow Peeps and puts a dark twist on it. Cover your Peeps with candy, icing or fondue, and then combine peanut butter and chocolate. This Halloween, even your Peeps will be wearing a costume!

No-Bake Eyeball Cheesecake

This cheesecake recipe requires no baking. These no-bake eyeball cheesecakes are incredibly easy to make. They are made from pre-made cheesecake, topped with red Jell-O and chocolate candy eyeballs. Try these pumpkin cheesecakes for a festive dessert.

Anyone can utilize these simple no-bake recipes for their Halloween party. Adults and children, alike, will be thrilled by each and every one of these frightfully easy no-bake Halloween dessert ideas. This year, relax and enjoy your Halloween. Take advantage of these frightfully easy no-bake Halloween dessert ideas.


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