How to Create the Perfect Sundae Bar


Selecting a dessert staple for a party can be a hard decision. When in doubt, why not have an ice cream sundae bar? People of all ages adore that special frozen treat—especially if they get to build their own decadent masterpiece.

Instead of slaving over a complicated dessert recipe, an ice cream sundae bar is buffet style at its best. You supply ice cream, bowls, cones, and all the yummy toppings and everyone can help themselves.
No matter the occasion, no one can say no to ice cream. With some simple planning, you can host an ice cream sundae bar that will be the talk of the town. It is fast, easy and can be tailored to any budget. Here are some useful scoops of information to get the party started

Gather the Basics

Ice cream is the main building block of an ice cream sundae bar. Your head is probably spinning with the innumerable varieties of this chilly delight. But what ice cream flavors are best? Most ice cream parlors offer the basics: vanilla and chocolate. If you want an additional choice, you could also buy strawberry. You do not have to buy all the gourmet flavors, let the toppings do the work for you. Besides, it is a safe bet that most guests will like one of the three basic flavors. Simple offerings also mean that guests spend less time deciding and more time enjoying their dessert.
Buy the best quality ice-cream that your budget can afford. Buy large tubs of ice-cream at a bulk food shopping club to save money. Set the ice-cream out in small quantities at a time, so it does not melt. If you are serving outside, keep the sundae bar close to the kitchen door for a quick run to the freezer.

Easy Serving Options

Traditionally, ice cream sundaes are served in a bowl. If you are expecting a big crowd and do not want to spend the evening doing dishes, feel free to use disposable bowls. Make sure the bowls are sturdy enough to hold a generous helping of ice cream and all the toppings. Provide plastic spoons and plenty of napkins, because sundaes can be messy—especially for children. You may also provide a stack of ice cream cones. Select your favorite type of ice cream cones: the old-fashioned cake style, sugar cones, or waffle cones.


As you are composing an ingredient list, think of all the delicious toppings that are usually served on a sundae. Think of the taste nuances people crave, such as sweet/salty, crunchy/chewy, cold/hot. Toppings also provide pleasant textures and visual appeal.
Here are Some Topping Suggestions:


Fresh fruit sundaes are a fan favorite. Some guests might want to build a banana split, so keep your bananas whole. Purchase mixed berries (strawberries, raspberries and blueberries) for some natural sweetness. Remember to have cherries to top off each sundae. Carmel and pineapple sundaes are also a popular pair, be sure to include crushed pineapple in your sundae bar.


Nuts add salty goodness to the sweet ice cream. Crushed peanuts and candied pecan pieces are favorites. Some people favor crushed pretzels or shaved coconut. Be sure to announce that there are nuts on the sundae bar, just in case someone has a nut allergy. In that case, have some ice cream and toppings reserved on the side for these guests.


What would a sundae bar be without tempting, gooey sauces? The classic choices are hot fudge, caramel, and butterscotch. They are best serve warm, so keep them in slow cooker or crock pot for your guests to drizzle onto their sundaes.


Make sure to have plenty of candy for toppings, such as chocolate chips, marshmallows, sprinkles, and gummy candies. You can also have bowls of crushed cookies, mini candy-coated chocolates and any other goody that comes to mind.

Whipped Cream

The final layer of an ice-cream sundae is mounds of fluffy whipped cream. Pick up a can of whipped cream, people will enjoy the hissing noise as they pile on the fluffy clouds of sweet cream.


Sprinkles add color, decoration and texture to your sundae. Whether you choose rainbow or chocolate sprinkles, either variety will be appreciate by your guests.

Imagine how delighted your guests will be when you announce an ice-cream sundae bar at your next celebration. Sundaes bring fond memories of summer days, childhood, and a trip to the local ice-cream parlor. Enjoy mingling with your guests as they create and nosh on delicious sundaes.


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