Travel Outfits for Gals on the Go


To successfully pack for a vacation, you need to know some basic principles. Here are some ideas for how to pack for each type of traveling that you embark upon.

Get Versatile Pieces

Bring versatile pieces. Start this by choosing a couple basic colors for your travel wardrobe. This way all of the pieces you pack will go with every other piece in your travel wardrobe, making it easy to mix and match.

Don’t Bring New Clothes

The most comfortable clothes for the gal on the go are the tried and true ones.
For example, don’t bring new shoes because they might cause blisters

Layer Clothes

After you’ve chosen your pieces, next you’ll want to figure out how you can layer your clothes. Being able to layer your clothes will allow you to travel in different kinds of weather hassle-free. If it gets cold, put on a t-shirt, a sweater, and maybe a light jacket. If it’s warm, maybe you wear only a t-shirt. If it rains, perhaps you’ll add a light rain poncho. Layering allows you to stay warm when you need to, without the bulk of heavy clothes.

Be Aware of Cultural and Situational Expectations

Look at the culture where you’re traveling before you pick out your travel clothes. The occasion and the culture should guide all wardrobe choices.

Get Wrinkle-Free Items

Bring as many wrinkle-free items as you can. Anything made from a knit nylon material would travels well.

Traveling by Plane

If you have any kind of issues with circulation, you may want to bring along some compression socks. These items promote circulation, which is important if you’ve been sitting for a number of hours.
Wear comfortable, loose clothing when you travel. You want to be able to move and stretch in the clothes you wear because you’ll be in them awhile. If you’re going to be traveling all night, loose clothing makes sleeping easier as well.

Traveling by Car

Shoes are important when you’re traveling by car. Any shoes that make it difficult for you to operate the car’s pedals are a no-go. Also bring along at least one, easy-to-reach change-of-clothes in case you spill anything on yourself while eating or driving.

Traveling by Bus

The suggestions for traveling by plane and car also hold true for bus travel. Wear a fanny pack or crossover bag close to your body. Items like your credit cards, passport, and other valuable documents should remain as close to you as possible to remain as safe and secure as possible.

Traveling by Train

Pack your items in a backpack or suitcase that has wheels. You’ll be embarking and disembarking quickly, bags with wheels make this faster. Also, for overnight journeys, bring earbuds and a headset for music.

Traveling by Boat

Boat travel often means swimming, so you’ll want to not only pack a suit, but also clothes that you don’t mind getting wet. Also pack a hat, some comfortable slip-resistant sandals, and a pair of sunglasses.


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