The Newest Nail Trend- Powder Manicures


Dip powder manicures are perfect if you hate dealing with chipped nails and chipped nail polish. These manicures have been around for some time now, however they have grown in popularity over the last year due to their durability and versatility.

How it’s Done

Dip powder is designed adhere to your nail, rather than soaking into your nail bed. In fact, they’re sometimes called “glue manicures” because of the adhering process. The color of the dip powder is the color your finished manicure will be. You can choose the color you want your nails to be, as well as additional options like glitter. With dip powder manicures, there’s no need to paint your nails with nail polish.

Trending Styles

Ombre nails with fun embellishments, like glitter or rhinestones, are trending right now. Rounded tip nails are always a popular choice. You can choose from rounded tips, oval tips, and pointed tips. Because dip powder manicures aren’t the same as acrylic manicures, tips are only added to the end of your fingernail. You can really have fun with the versatility of dip powder manicures.

Application Process

1) Any existing nail polish is removed off your fingernails, your nails are filed, and your cuticles are filed back.
2) Then your cuticles are trimmed, if necessary.
3) A base layer liquid adhesive is applied to your nails. (This base layer adhesive also helps to hold in your own fingernails vitamins and minerals.)
4) Then each finger is dipped into the powder, one at a time. Once all your fingernails are dipped, any excess powder is brushed off. (The process is repeated two to three more times to achieve the depth of color you are wanting to achieve.)
5) When the dip process is finished, a fast drying clear activator is applied to your fingernails. The activator hardens the powder, which means you don’t have to sit with your hands underneath a UV lamp.
6) Once the activator dries, you are good to go.

Dip Powder vs. Gel Nails

Healthy Alternative
Dip powder is long lasting, like gel, but it’s a healthier alternative to gel nails since there aren’t any harsh primers used in the powder.
Less Damage
Dip powder isn’t cured into your fingernails like gel manicures are. Instead, the powder sits on top of the nail adhered to the base layer adhesive. You still get the longevity of gel nails, but in a much safer way.
Easy Removal
The goal of a dip manicure is to grow out and strengthen your own natural nail underneath. The removal process of dip powder is easier on your fingernails than gel manicures. The shiny top coat layer on the nails is filed off and an acetone soaked cotton ball is placed on your fingernails. Then your fingernails are wrapped in foil (to hold the cotton ball on) and a warm towel is placed over your hands to speed up the process. It stays on for roughly 10 minutes. Then the towel, foil, and cotton balls are removed from your fingers and the dip powder nails wipe right off. So unlike gel nails, there isn’t any filing or scraping in the removal process.


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