Style Tips for Staying Warm & Looking Cute


During the dreary and blustery cold months of winter, it can be hard to maintain your sense of style while also trying to stay warm and cozy. Here are some easy style tips that are fashionable and still functional, and will have you staying warm & looking cute during the cold winter months.

Classic Peacoat

Your coat may be the only clothing item that people notice in the winter months. With the right coat, no one will ever know you are schlepping around town running errands in your old college sweatshirt and favorite leggings. A classic peacoat or car-length wool coat will instantly elevate your style no matter what outfit you choose to wear underneath.

Puffer Jacket

A down-filled puffer coat will not only keep you warm during the coldest of winter days, but this particular outerwear style is also having a major fashion moment. Many women are pairing their car-coat-length puffer coats with waterproof duck boots, leggings and tunic-length sweaters.

Single-button Dress Coat

Long, single-button dress coats pair with everything from a business suit to the office to a boxy sweater, skinny jeans and ankle boots for a dinner date. Not only are long wool coats right on trend for fall and winter, but they are also incredibly warm and great for keeping the wind out and your legs warm and toasty.

Cashmere Scarves

Winter is the ideal season for accessorizing. Warm cashmere scarves can be tied and worn in a variety of casual and dressy ways. Plus, a soft cashmere or merino wool scarf feels like a warm hug draped around your neck in the cold winter months.


Plush earmuffs and fleece headbands do a great job of keeping your ears warm and your hair off your face while also complementing your favorite casual winter outfits.


Fleece-lined leather or suede winter gloves will keep your hands from freezing as you shovel your walkway and scrape ice off of your windshield. You will also have the advantage of looking adorable if you choose a pair of gloves in a color that coordinates with your coat. For an unexpected burst of style, choose a pair of gloves in a vibrant color or pattern that strikes a breathtaking contrast to your winter coat. A bright and vivid hue will not only catch the eyes of onlookers, but you will also feel a rush of happiness when you wear such a bright color on the gloomiest and coldest winter days.

Blanket Scarf

A plush and thick blanket scarf can be worn in a multitude of ways in the winter months. It can be stuffed down inside of your coat to keep your neck and chest warm. It can also be worn as a shawl, poncho or a wrap over your favorite sweater on warmer winter days. Fun accessories and a feminine winter coat will elevate your winter look to keep you stylish and cozy all season.


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