Hottest Prom Trends for 2019


It’s officially prom season! Look like the king or queen of the ball with our styling tips below.

Hair Trends

Short Hair
When it comes to short hair, braids are trending currently, they are also easy to maintain and can stand out from the crowd.

Medium Length
For medium length hair, a classic and feminine look is curly hair. Buns or ponytails are styles that are also easy to maintain, yet elegant at the same time.

Long Hair
When it comes to long hair, a side part is a good option if simple and easy. High ponytails break from the traditional norm but are still remain a classy choice.

Dress Trends

Illusion dresses are popular this year, two-piece gowns and crop top dresses are also trending. However, one timeless option that is the princess ball gown, if you’re looking for the fairytale prom experience.

For those interested in not having a lot of bling as part of their style, a style dubbed “Simplistic Couture” might also be an option, as it will still turn heads without being over the top.

Animal Print
Other interesting trends that are gaining traction for this year’s prom are animal print prom dresses, for those who want something more daring and aim to make a statement. Overskirt prom dresses is another one, overskirts being considered a fun way to add more flair to the prom ensemble.

Fits and Flatters
Finding the right dress can be quite an overwhelming task, considering the amount of options available. However, at the end of the day, while you might want to look at what is currently trending, it is also important to find something that you are comfortable in and which makes you confident.

Tux Trends

Classic Black
While menswear seems uncomplicated, there are a lot of pieces to a tux to take into consideration. Whether it’s a suit or a tuxedo, the ideal route is to stick to something classic. While you might want to turn heads, chances are that sticking to black and white will look a lot more elegant and tasteful.

The elegant aspect relies on simplicity. There are some elements that allow for more diversity, such as shirt studs and cufflinks, where there are several options to choose from. The cufflinks and shirt studs should not match, but they should not be complementing either – for example, mixing gold and silver metals in the same outfit is not ideal.

Color Pop
Unless specifically mentioned, the prom will be considered a “black tie optional” event, meaning that a colored tie can be picked. This allows for more color to be added to the suit. It’s ideal to wear something muted and simple, which fits the color of the dress that you date is wearing. Black ties remain timeless, and while colored ones are not as striking, they could help set you apart from the crowd.

Manicure Ideas

Match the Dress
Regardless of which design you choose , it should be in the same shade as the dress. If they are a different shade, they could be paired with accessories, such as shoes or hair pieces, in order to have a matching color.

Neutral Never Fails
Depending on how extravagant you want the manicure to be, you can either go for neutral shades (which are universal and complement almost all looks; also, the manicure will last some time after the event) or you can go for something less traditional, meaning more colorful and brighter or neon-shade designs.

Elegance with Acrylics
Acrylic nail design is a popular choice, for both short and long nails. In addition, they will good regardless of design – whether it’s a simple solid color or glitter. No matter how simple the design might be, it can be turned into something elegant that fits the look that you want to have for your prom.

Go Nude
Generally, nude designs, light, pink, blue manicures, or white nails are the usual suspects, however, black nails are also very popular. Black nails can also be paired with white in order to make them stand out – several nails can be painted black with added foil designs, while the rest of them painted white.

Shoe Trends

Staple Shades
The shoes should match the dress, but there are also other aspects to take into consideration when looking at the newest trends. Neutral colors will always be popular, and they also allow the dress to blend with the shoe – they are: gold, silver, black and nude.

Glitz and Glam
Glam shoes, with various prints, gems, and an abundance of glitter are popular choices, however, elegant shoes, with simple high heels remain timeless. From glitter and crystal high heel sandals, to strappy low heel sandals, it all comes down to preference and what fits the style.

Prom Sandals
On the other hand, heels can be difficult to walk in for a long length of time, and if the shoes don’t have the right height, they can get uncomfortable really fast. As a result, a fairly popular choice when it comes to shoes is wearing flat sandals. While heels remain the number one choice, flats can also be made into elegant footwear that, while unconventional and breaking from tradition, would fit with the dress.

Makeup Trends

Crazy for Coral
When it comes to makeup, orange shadows are in fashion at the moment. However, for prom, makeup can be very elaborate overall – for example, the eyelid can be covered with a hot pink shade, while the orange-based blush can be added to match.

Connect the Dots
Polka-dot liner can be an easy choice that at the same time can make heads turn. The makeup is done by simply applying small dots in a few rows along the lashline and winging it out at the corner.

Smoky Neutral
For a more natural look that still looks glamorous, smoky neutral is a popular choice, with deep shadows being layered on, which aims to play up the eyes and complexion.

Rainbow Bright
On the other hand, for a bolder choice, there is the rainbow liner option, which stands out due to its brightness, with a cobalt blue line on top and an electric shade on the bottom.

Smoky Shine
Charcoal shine is another interesting approach on which takes the idea of smoke eyes to a new level. Metallic-looking charcoal pigment gets applied on the whole eyelid, as well as on the lower lashes, replacing liner. To make things even more over the top, black mascara can be applied as well as fake eyelashes in order to intensify the look.


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