Comfy Work Outfits for Summertime


During summertime, it’s hard choosing an office outfit because you still want to look formal without feeling too casual. You don’t want to wear clothes that may feel too hot for the outside weather, and you also want to carry something light and warm for the office in case the thermostat is too cold. Here are some outfit ideas that you can use the next time you go to the office: 

Lightweight Two-Piece Suit

The suit has always been the number one office attire for most people. This summer, you can find yourself a lightweight two piece suit with a little bit of color. You can also top off the look with a simple plain t-shirt. Then, wear some sport sandals. You can carry some heels if you aren’t comfortable going to meetings with sandals. Regardless, this look is very versatile and flexible since you can go anywhere with it because it’s both formal and casual. 

Long Dresses

Another comfortable summer outfit for the office is a long printed dress made from cotton, chiffon or silk. You can include a matching blouse to make the look more formal. A long printed dress allows you to walk easily from one office to another if you have to attend meetings the whole day. Furthermore, the material keeps you cool and stops you from overheating or looking untidy as you run errands. You can finish the look with a pair of suede sandals that match the color of the printed dress. 

Lightweight Denim

It can be a bit uncomfortable to wear jeans during the summer because of the high temperatures. However, it doesn’t always have to be that way. If you are in love with jeans, you can dress up in lightweight denim jeans and a light blouse. This look is preferable if your company is not that strict on dress codes. You can also add some day-to-night sandals. The color of the jeans also matters a lot. If you wear lighter hues, you are less likely to feel very hot. 

Go Silky

Instead of wearing denim, you can go for charmeuse silk pants and a silk top. As for the shoes, kitten heels may do the trick since they are open to allow the air to flow through them. This outfit is both classy and stylish. The materials are also light, which means that they won’t make you sweat. You can carry a blazer just in case it gets chilly at the office. Apart from charmeuse silk, you can look for pants made from chiffon or linen. The material is light and comfortable to walk around in. 

The Power Jumpsuit

This is definitely one of those outfits that create a fashion statement. It is very convenient and easy to wear because you don’t have to think about which top you want to wear. This head-to-toe garment comes in different sizes, colors, patterns, and prints. When it comes to colors, a simple black and white stripped jumpsuit will do. Others may go for plain white or black. Whatever color or design you choose, make sure that the jumpsuit accentuates your figure. You can finish the look with a nice pair of chunky heels. 

The Kimono

In case you are tired of lightweight blazers, there’s a new trend that’s slowly catching on. It’s the kimono. This is a lightweight piece of cloth that looks like a cape and scarf at the same time. It mostly comes in different floral designs. You can wear a kimono over a blouse or long dress. It also goes well with pants and jeans. It keeps you warm and stylish at the same time. This summer, consider adding layers to your work outfit with a kimono because it’s very versatile. 


Tartan outfits come in different shapes, patterns, fabrics, and colors. You can spice up your summer look by going for lightweight tartan pants and a matching blouse. Alternatively, you can go for a long tartan dress and a top. As for the shoes, you can wear either heels or flats. This depends on your style and personality. 

Embellished Skirts

Sometimes you just want to wear a button-down shirt to work. They are formal, plain, and keep you cool during the summer. If you want to make the look stand out, you should consider wearing an embellished skirt. It adds a little bit of color and glamour. This look is both formal and casual, and you can go to a meeting with it or run errands. In case you have a date that night, you can remove the button-down shirt and change into something dressier like a silk blouse. 

Midi Skirts

This is a skirt that’s in between a mini and maxi skirt – it’s not too long or too short. The best way to create your summer work look is to start off with a midi skirt. These skirts make your waist appear smaller than it actually is and accentuate your curves. Since these skirts get looser around the legs, you have to tuck in whatever top you choose so as to balance the look. Instead of a top, you can also go for a button-down blue or white shirt. Finish off the professional look with a pair of slim heels. 

Go for Loose Pieces

During summer, the temperatures can get pretty high and uncomfortable. You want an outfit that will allow the free flow of air as you are walking or are just sited at the office desk. You can wear wide leg pants if you don’t want to show too much skin. To complete the look, you can add a flouncy blouse and summer sandals. This look is not only professional, but also flexible and perfect for any occasion. 

Just because its summer doesn’t mean that you can’t wear comfortable clothes to work. You can still feel cozy and look stylish and professional. Just include the above outfits in your summer wardrobe and all will be fine. 


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