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If you want to learn how to sell your home quickly and at the best possible price, you have come to the right place. Putting your home on the market at the wrong time can reduce the amount of money that you will get for it, but doing so can also force you to wait even longer to get the sale. Choosing the right month to list your home, though, can help you sell it 15 percent faster than if you had made the wrong choice. If you live in the United States, the last week of March is your…


With the hectic holidays far behind you and Spring approaching, now’s a good time to begin planning your home remodel project. Depending on the size and ambition of your project, it may take a few months just to complete preparations, such as designing, budgeting, getting permits, and selecting what products you wish to include. If you’re planning on doing any kind of outdoor project or renovation, you had better begin planning now or risk pushing it off until next year. Interior space remodeling doesn’t really depend on the seasons, but why not go ahead and get a jump on it?…

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