Small Business Week April 28 – May 4


Supporting small businesses is essential to help the local economy succeed and grow. Many small businesses create jobs, support local schools and services and contribute to the growth of the community. By shopping local you help local shops, restaurants, and other businesses in your community. Here are four easy ways you can help support small businesses in your community:

1. Leave a positive review

Leaving a positive review helps potential customers determine if they want to give the business a try. Positive reviews can also boost the business’s search engine ranking, making it easier for others to find them.

You can leave reviews on platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp to name a few, with your feedback, experience and even upload photos of the local establishment.

2. Comment, like, and share their social media posts

Following a small business on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter is an easy way to show your support. Even if you didn’t make a purchase, showing your support through social media builds the reputation of the business.

By commenting, liking, and sharing the posts, it not only helps get their name out there, but it shows other people that the business has a following and is trusted within the community.

Share their business to your Instagram story if they have a new product or are running a promotion to help get the word out.

When you share their content, you’re helping to spread the word about their products or services to a wider audience. This can help to attract new customers and increase the business’s visibility online.

3. Purchase a gift card to give as a gift

Purchasing a gift card is a thoughtful way of getting new and returning customers in the door. The incentive of the gift card will save the customer money and the business will gain new customers.

Don’t forget to check out Living Local’s website to purchase gift cards from local Long Island small businesses!

4. Refer them to your friends and family

You’ve often heard from business that the best gift is a referral. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool, and referring friends and family to a small business can be incredibly helpful.

By referring the business to your friends and family, it establishes a sense of trust for the business.

If you’ve had a positive experience with a small business, consider telling others about it. Referrals can lead to new customers and help to grow the business’s customer base.


Small businesses are often owned and operated by members of the community. They help to ensure that the local economy remains strong and vibrant. Showing support by doing any of the four simple items above is essential to help them succeed and grow. These actions can help to build trust, increase visibility, and attract new customers, all of which can benefit the small business.

Don’t forget that PS Digital specializes in helping small businesses with the 4 key points listed above!

What are some recent ways you have supported your favorite local shop?


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