How to Host a Spooky Sleepover


Halloween is a holiday that’s all about having some fun and enjoying tricks and treats. If you’re planning to host a sleepover, you might feel overwhelmed and intimidated about putting it all together, but it’s surprisingly easy to do. You can customize everything including treats, décor and entertainment. Before you start sending out invitations and planning spine-chilling surprises, check out some of the following tips for hosting a spooky sleepover.

Guess How Many Candies are in the Jar

Candy corn is usually the standard candy for the Halloween party game, guess how many candies are in the jar. Switch up the game by placing bags of mixed Halloween candy in a container and letting guests guess how many are in there. This allows the winner to take home a container with a variety of scary sweets.

Halloween Trick-or-Treat Scavenger Hunt

From creepy stickers to gummy spider-themed candy, there are so many different spooky goodies that you can find in stores for Halloween. Hide goody bags around the yard and let the sleepover guests go on a hunt to find them. Whatever treats they find, they get to keep. You don’t even have to spend much money; many dollar stores have all the supplies that you’ll need.

Stuff a Scarecrow

Just because Halloween is deep into fall doesn’t mean that it’s too late to put together a scarecrow. Building a scarecrow is a fun group project. You can make it as sweet or creepy looking as you desire. Place your scarecrow outside the house on Halloween night or even keep it out the rest of the season.

Paint Pumpkins

Big pumpkins can cost a good amount of money, while little pumpkins are fairly inexpensive. Purchase mini pumpkins for each sleepover guest to decorate. It’s a great little party favor that they’ll get to take home with them.

Set Scene with Spooky Décor

You don’t need much to set the scene for Halloween. For example, you can spread out fake spider webs and spiders from one end of a room to the other. Hang paper bats, snakes and spiders on the walls. Place ghosts in front of doorways. Display a spray-painted cardboard coffin and faux headstones in the yard. You can even hide fake bugs around the house in places sleepover guests will not expect (behind the soap, on the bathroom sink, in the fridge or on a bottle of soda.)

Make Faux “Blood-Stained” Covers

All you need to make “blood-stained” covers is old sheets and some fake blood. Make sure you use the fake blood carefully so it doesn’t stain anything you don’t want it to (your skin, the furniture, etc.) Dip your hands in the fake blood (wear latex gloves for easy clean up) and make hand prints, smears and droplets all over the sheets. Once you’re finished, cover up your kitchen and dining room chairs as well as the seating in your living room. You can even ball up a sheet and leave it in the corner of a room or put one or two over tables. The “bloody” décor is also an easy way to protect your furniture from accidental spills at the sleepover.

Halloween Pretzel Rods

Making tasty pretzel treats is easy to do and will keep the sleepover guests busy. All they need are the pretzels, colorful candy melts and edible decorations (such as sprinkles) and you’re good to go. Make a witch finger pretzel rod using green chocolate and an almond or piece of candy for the nail. Use white chocolate and eyeball candies to make a ghost. There is no baking required; once they are decorated they can sit on parchment paper in the fridge until they set.

Haunted Halloween Pizzas

Almost everyone loves pizza and with a little creativity, sleepover guests can make their own Halloween pizzas that taste just as good as they look. You will need pizza dough, olives, cheese, peppers, and pepperoni to create ghosts, bugs, mummies and monsters on the pizza. This will be an activity that guests will love doing from start to finish, especially when they get to eat their terrifyingly tasty creations.

Watch Scary Movies

It’s not a Halloween sleepover unless you are watching a scary movie. With today’s technology, there is a plethora of scary Halloween movies available to buy or rent in a matter of minutes. Just make sure that you choose an age-appropriate movie for your sleepover guests.

When it comes to a spooky sleepover, it’s all about making it fun and exciting. Haunted house décor, terrifying treats and seasonal activities are all great tips in making your spooky sleepover a success.


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