Fun Fall Activities to do This Weekend


Fall is a great time for you and your family to enjoy your time outdoors. Days are sunny, clear and the colors of the vegetation are vivid. During the fall, you don’t need to take expensive trips in order to have fun. The following fall activities are enjoyable for the entire family.

Attend a Fall Festival

In all parts of America, autumn is marked with festivals. Some of the activities at fall festivals include face painting, pony rides, craft vendors, food and raffles.
Fall festivals enable you to sample the best aspects of the locality and embrace the season.

Sip on Cider

Autumn is the apple harvest season and apple cider is plentiful. Apple cider is an unfiltered, beverage made from pressed apples then is pumped into tanks to settle and chill. Local cider mills and farm stands are the best places to get fresh apple cider.

Get Lost in a Corn Maze

Corn mazes are part of autumn celebration. This is an activity where the entire family can be involved. Get in a maze and get lost with your kids, figuring out the maze together is a great way for the entire family to bond.

Go Apple Picking

Apple picking is a fun fall family activity. If you are a nature lover, you will enjoy strolling through the apple orchards seeing rows of apple trees. Pick Your Own orchards or U-pick farms are great places to bag a variety of apples. Some farms are even pet friendly, making it a fun seasonal activity for your four legged family members as well.

Carve a Pumpkin

Carving pumpkins is a popular Halloween tradition. Pumpkin carving is a great activity that engages the entire family. Print out the patterns that you want to carve onto you pumpkin. Gather around the table or sit outdoors to carve pumpkins and minimize the cleanup. When complete, display your pumpkins on the windowsill, on a table, or on the front stoop.

Watch a Scary Movie

It‘s the Halloween season, take some time to curl up with a blanket and watch some scary movies. Catch a movie marathon on TV or stream movies on your Smart TV and enjoy the spooky season.

Go Leaf Peeping

Grab a camera or your cell phone and capture the beautiful fall foliage. Check out your local arboretum or park and admire nature’s beautiful fall display. Enjoy the most colorful aspect of the environment while leaf peeping.

Go on a Hay Ride

Fall is the season where farmers bring in the hay and you can enjoy a hayride. Sit back and relax as a tractor takes you for a ride around the beautiful farm grounds. This is a great activity for families and also makes a great daytime date (you can hold each other close during the bumpy hay ride).

Go to a Haunted House

Haunted houses are a spooktacular way to get into the Halloween spirit. They are a great place to scare or get scared by your friends or family. Find haunted houses for kids that aren’t too scary and are fun to explore.

Visit a Sunflower Farm

Sunflowers are in full bloom and they are beautiful. Did you know that Van Gogh’s ‘Sunflowers’ are considered a symbol of happiness? Nothing can compare to a field of freshly bloomed sunflowers. Sunflowers can grow up to three feet so make sure to visit when the flowers are in full broom.


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