DIY Planter Boxes


Gardens of any variety provide beauty and nourishment to a home, if you grow fruits and vegetables. They are hard work and require tedious care to thrive. Some individuals do not have time to take care of a garden, or they may not have a big enough yard to support a garden. You can think about using an alternative like planter boxes.

A planter box is an excellent method to use if you do not have the space or the time for a traditional garden. You can change out the plants in the box and can easily control what grows in them. You can even create a DIY planter box by following some of the examples below.

1. A Wooden Box with Spaces for Removable Plastic Trays

This is the most simple and basic planter box you can have. It only requires the utilization of 2 X 4’s to construct a basic box. Then insert 3 plastic wares in the holes created. Be sure there are holes for the water to drain out of.

2. A Bench

A bench provides a great opportunity for planter boxes. Utilize the sides of the bench to contain plants. You could also have plants underneath the bench. You can simply utilize the number of nails together, then decide what you want.

3. Bamboo Planter Box

You can create a planter box for taller grasses such as bamboo by using wood or a metal tub. You can even weave lights around it to make it beautiful, even at night.

4. Planter Box Around Furniture

You could create planter boxes that go around your furniture outside, whether you take advantage of sofas or chairs. Rim the outside of the furniture by utilizing wooden pieces and making sure to have a layer against the furniture to protect it. Have the plants in the middle outlining the furniture.

5. Miniature Greenhouse

Another great idea for a planter box is to create a miniature greenhouse. This can be done by creating a basic square with 2 X 4’s. Next, make use of wiring to hold up a lightweight cloth around the box to keep your plants as healthy and warm as possible.

6. Split-Rail Planter Box

A split-rail planter box is simple, yet adds a stylish design. It is fairly easy to make by stacking and nailing pieces of lumber to create an enclosure in the middle for your plants. You could even put a metal or plastic crate in the middle to hold the soil and plants.

7. Metal Tub Planter Boxes

A galvanized, metal tub offers ample spacing for a planter box. You can simply fill it with soil and have your plants come out the top. This planter box style offers a rustic feel.

8. Small, Modern Planter Box

A modern planter box is an excellent option for an extremely small space such as a window sill. This planter box can be made by utilizing small pieces of wood and painting them in whatever color will fit your design.

9. Three-Tier Planter Boxes

A three-tiered planter box offers a truly unique feel that gives the welcoming perception of a stairway. It is raised to allow for draining, and is easily made with wooden plans and pieces of lumber. You could put different plants that correlate in each tier.

10. Stone Facade Planter Box

A stone facade planter box is a very popular look that is also very polished. You simply ladder stone to the level you want, with larger slabs on top. This will provide a space in the back to allow for the soil and plants to grow.

11. Window Planter Box

A window planter box is very easy to create with simply a slab of wood. You will cut out holes in the slab, and attach it under the window with screws. Add pots that fit comfortably in the holes without falling.

12. Deck Rail Planter Box

A deck rail planter box can easily sit on a deck railing or floor and not fall. This planter box is created with long pieces of wood nailed together. In the middle of the space will be soil and the plants you desire.

13. Planter Box with Pond

It is possible to make a planter box that has space for water plants or a pond as well. It is simply made from wood with three compartments. The middle, larger compartment will have a lining that will allow for water.

14. Planter Box Stand

You can order a kit for a cedar planter stand that is easily assembled by following the instructions in the package. It allows for space saving features so that you can put the box where it works for you. In each section, there is a plastic tub to put your soil and plants in.

15. Planter with Stand

It is easy to create a stand out of three long wooden rods and two pieces of lumber crossing in the middle. Over the cross of wood, you can place a pot of your choosing that will hold the soil and plants you want.

16. Planter Box with Benches

This option is different than the bench option listed above. The main part of this planter box is the garden that is created using 2 X 4’s and other pieces of lumber. Attached to the sides are benches that can be utilized to hold gardening equipment or to sit on when needing a break. Leave room for standing as well next to the benches.

Planter boxes are an excellent alternative to full gardens when you do not have the time, the willpower or the space. Most of the projects listed above can be completed in a day or less, though some require up to two or three days. Find the project that best works for you and your needs, ensuring that you are happy with the end result offered.


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