DIY Pet Costume Ideas


Halloween is the perfect time to get creative with costumes. Year after year, people search for the best costume or even make their own. But have you ever dressed up the four legged members of the family? Pet costumes are a great way for the entire family to get into the spooky spirit.

Pre-made pet costumes can be pricey and trying to find the right size for your pet can be a shopping nightmare. Making a Halloween costume for your pet allows you to find the perfect representation while saving money and time trying to finding a costume that fits.

Gathering Supplies

Gather a variety of items to make a DIY pet costume. Look around your home for spare items and see if they spark ideas. Old shirts, outgrown kids clothes or toys or unique fabrics can be made into a simple costume. Once you’ve determined a specific idea for a costume, think of what other parts are needed (straps, fabric, colors, bows, etc.) Brainstorm different materials that can be used for each and write a list of the items that are needed. Purchase items at your local craft store or online. Give yourself enough leeway to gather supplies and make the costume. If you think any parts of the design may be problematic, purchase extras supplies.

Costume Tips

Halloween is a spooky and silly day where we can all enjoy ourselves. Dressing up a pet is sure to bring an added bonus to the festivities. Here are some tips to make sure everything goes according to plan:

Search for ideas
Look for Halloween costumes or pet costumes ideas online.

Add attachment features
Learn where you should add attachment features on your pet’s costume

Make sure the costume fits
Check to see if the costume fits well. If you want a costume that is easy to take on and off, use elastic or Velcro straps. These materials easily secure around their head, neck or body.

Use pet-friendly materials
We all know pets can get a bit confused about what is food and what is a toy. If you’re worried that your pet may confuse their costume for something else, make sure it’s made of safe parts. Avoid sharp parts, strings or bands that can become tangled on them, irritating substances, and/or things they can ingest and become sick from. You may also want to avoid things they can make a mess like glitter or cotton balls.

Add noisemakers or reflectors
Add bells or other noisemakers that allow you to hear your pet coming or going. This can help you stay on top of their whereabouts while you entertain or look after trick-or-treaters. If you’re taking your pet out for the night, add lights, glow sticks or reflectors to make sure you can see them at a distance.

Costume Ideas

Below are some costume suggestions to get started or feel free to get creative with your own.

Animals dressed as other animals
Animal lovers love pets dressed like other animals. Turn your four legged dog into an eight legged spooky spider. Add an antenna to your black cat for a bumblebee costume.

Animals being people
Everyone loves people pet portraits, this Halloween dress your pets as famous person. How about Kitty Purry or Captain Cat Sparrow costume?

What can be cuter than a pet in costume? A pet in a food-related costume! Dress your Dachshunds as a hot dog costume or Chihuahua as a taco.

Group costumes
Do you have multiple pets? Plan a group costumes with other pets or with the human family. Think things like different colored M&M’s, 3 Little Pigs, Thing 1 & Thing 2, etc. Group costumes are great conversation starter and are perfect for photo ops.

Use a large cardboard or wood box and make your pet a house, lemonade stand or jail cell. Place the “housing” near where trick-or-treaters can stop to stay hello before grabbing some candy.

Last minute costumes
No time to make a costume? Re-purpose a bow-tie or tutu to give your pet a new look in a hurry or quickly make a clever name tag.


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