Summer Hair Color Trends


The start of summer brings on all kinds of change–the weather warms, the pools open and the flowers bloom. With nature shedding her winter skin, you might be inspired to change up your appearance. There are tons of gorgeous summer hair trends that watch out for. We listed a few of the below, so you can find the right look for the summer months.

Warm Honey

Warm toned blonde is such a great reflection of summer. A light, warm blonde is super low maintenance since the sun keeps the color light, and having shadow roots. Adding honey highlights can brighten any hair color.

Shadow Roots

You may be hesitant to try a lighter color because you’re afraid maintaining your roots. Well, luckily, outgrown roots has become a hairstyle trend itself. We’ve all seen celebrities or Instagram influencers with this hairstyle–blonde locks with brown sprouting at the roots. It gives an intentionally-messy-but-still-cute look. It’s a style perfect for any low maintenance woman, or anyone who wants two trendy hairstyles in one.

Steely Stone

Remember when grey hair was in? This trend is similar, but much shiner. Hairdressers are adding a metallic edge to the classic grey look. Metallic purples and blues are a great combo to give your hair an iridescent glow. Especially when you’re basking in the summer sun.

Rose Pink

Rose gold is a popular color in fashion, technology, and hair color. Any shade of light or pastel pink will look great under the summer sun. There are tons of other benefits of this hair color, too. For one, it pairs well with most colors, so it’s not difficult to coordinate a variety of outfits. Once it fades, you’ll be left with another popular summer hairstyle, white-sand babylights.

White-Sand Babylights

White-sand babylights is a similar color to platinum blonde, but not quite as intense. It’s a great look to pair with the shadow roots trend. If you’re already blonde, adding a few white-sand highlights around your cheeks and temples will help frame your face. Even if brown hair, this is a hairstyle looks great on just a few locks or your whole head.

Dark Monotone Color

Without any highlights, lowlights, this elegant look is just a single, dark color. Stylists and fashion critics love this classic look, because the deep color adds shine and dimension. It’s a timeless hairstyle that will always look great.

Soft, Peachy Nude

Peachy nude is different from the other honey or warm blondes because it has a natural peachy tones to it. This hair color contains equal amount of cool and warm tones, which makes it perfect for any skin tone. Once again, this style pairs well with the shadow root trend.

High-Up Ombre

Ombre hair was a popular trend a few years ago, and now it’s making a comeback. Today’s ombre trend, the fade is closer to the top of the head, so your first color transitions to your second color around your ear or chin. Now that the style has evolved, even people with short hair can enjoy this adorable look. Ombre is different from the shadow root trend because the fade isn’t as close to the root, and the ombre’s color transition is more gradual and gentle.

A POP of Color

A single pop of color, like on pink strip on the side or a dusting of purple on the bangs, is a great combination of fun and professional. Adding a little bit of unnatural color can feed your free spirit, but still be an easily attainable look.


Adding pastel colors to your hair is a popular trend, and there’s no mystery as to why. It’s cute, works great with a variety of clothing styles and skin tones. However, like rose gold, there is a particular pastel color that stands above the rest as a notable summer hair color trend: peppermint. This light color compliments any hair length and shines in the sun. Plus it has all the benefits of the rose pink trend–once it fades, you’re left white-sand babylights or a warm, honey look. You can’t go wrong with peppermint or any other pastel colors.

Sun Rise Red

The color sun rise red is different than that of your typical ginger. It has warmer, more blonde tones to it. Just like a summer sunset, it’s warm like the orange and red tones in the sky. Since sun rise red isn’t a bright shade of red, blondes and brunettes can transition to this color with confidence.

No matter what your personal style is, there is a summer hairstyle trend that will be the perfect complement to your skin tone, clothing style, texture or color. The most important thing is to find the look that’ll give you the most confident summer ever.


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